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The collections of the reigning Prince von und zu Liechtenstein comprise more than 30,000 objects of various genres from the early Renaissance to Austrian Romanticism, including around 1,600 paintings and 700 sculptures. Access more than 5,500 art objects under the heading "Collections Online"; the offering is constantly expanded and enriched with additional content such as full texts, videos, or 3D models.

Search for artists or objects, browse the collections in various disciplines and genres, the living testimony of more than 400 years of collecting, or discover connections between the artworks and their acquirers.

Digital Asset Management Routing

Captured images are organized, managed and metadata added in Picturepark, with object metadata continuously synchronized between Picturepark and the MuseumPlus inventory management system. Images selected for deep zooming are automatically transferred to the Micr.io platform via a Picturepark Micr.io Connector for tiling and IIIF-compatible viewer. The images are embedded on the website via the deep-zoom link.

Collection (Online) Workflow

  1. The personnel of the Princely Collections creates and updates object information in the inventory management system MuseumPlus by Zetcom.

  2. The Picturepark MuseumPlus Connector adds or updates a Picturepark List Item from the object information (artist, collection, event, etc.) through Picturepark REST API

  3. Photographers create high-res images named according to file naming conventions featuring required object information (e.g., objId_artist_collection_event.tif).

  4. Photographers upload these high-res images to Picturepark, where business rule automation automatically assigns the correct Object List Item (object relationship), matching file name and object information.

  5. Picturepark automatically classifies an image as the “best image” for the online collection. Automation in Picturepark uses criteria provided by the Princely Collections, so for qualification (app), the service provider considers metadata flags (manual), priority (online database feature of Museum Plus), and metadata qualifications (presentation image, documentation image, etc.).

  6. The Picturepark Micr.io Connector uploads a specially tailored derivative of these "best images" of the artworks selected for the online database to micr.io. Here, the high-resolution image data is hosted in an IIIF-compliant manner and converted into optimized tiles that users can view on the website via the micr.io Viewer. The micr.io Deep Zoom link is managed via a Picturepark metadata field in the metadata in the Picturepark List Item.

  7. The headless CMS (Ibexa) searches Picturepark via Picturepark REST API for the "best images" for an (online) collection, downloads previews, and fetches the micr.io link for full-screen zoom viewing.

The result is a modern online database that meets the highest standards of image quality, performance, and data consistency with the least possible effort on the part of the operators. Visitors to the website will access the best images of the artworks available at any given time in the highest resolution: https://www.liechtensteincollections.at/sammlungen-online/portraet-der-clara-serena-rubens-der-tochter-des-kuenstlers-1611-1623 (click on full-screen mode to access the zoom view).

Copyright Notice: © LIECHTENSTEIN. The Princely Collections, Vaduz–Vienna

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