Picturepark Pilatus Release | May 2024

Release Notes outlining the features and changes introduced by the latest new version of the Picturepark Content Platform.

A new version of the Picturepark Content Platform will be released.

Version: Content Platform Pilatus (11.11) will be released on the 29-May-2024.
Main changes: Spreadsheet view in the Content Browser and Directory Import integration.

View of Pilatus in the Swiss Alps.

Situated southwest of Lucerne in Central Switzerland, Pilatus is a sprawling mountain massif. Visitors can explore the scenic views from the many hiking trails, or they can use the cable car or cogwheel railway options to reach the summit. There are many legends about the origin of the Mount Pilatus name, however, the most plausible explanation is that it is derived from ‘pileatus’ which means cloud-topped.

Release Details

These are the final release notes

Changes and improvements to list view in the Content Browser

Content Browser's List view has undergone a significant upgrade! You can now dynamically choose the metadata fields you are interested in and display them in a spreadsheet-style format. This revamped view enhances sorting capabilities and offers better organization of data. The list view preferences are saved per channel in your user profile.

Directory import integration

Our Directory Import integration simplifies file transfers to Content Platform. To get started, contact us to set up an FTP user and assign it a directory to connect to using a suitable FTP client and login credentials. Once established, you can upload files directly from your FTP server, or even from FTP-enabled devices such as digital cameras, to our server, integrating them seamlessly into Content Platform. You can customize static metadata and permission sets on a per-user or per-FTP directory basis to meet specific requirements, ensuring security and compliance. Leverage static data as conditions in the Content Platform's Business Rules for automation, enabling automatic tagging based on conditions such as year or location, for example, thereby simplifying organizational processes. Streamline your workflow and enhance your content management seamlessly.

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