Meet the Mother of Digital Asset Management in a Live Webcast

“Mother of DAM” Jennifer Neumann featured in a live Picturepark webcast.

What were you doing in 1990? Chances are, you weren’t involved with Digital Asset Management, because it hadn’t yet been invented. Jennifer Neumann is most often credited for changing that, and now she’s going to tell us all about it.

When Jennifer Neumann founded Canto, she had an idea that digital asset management would become popular—even necessary. What she didn’t know at the time was that it would be called digital asset management, a term she never liked.

“We called it an image database, which was easy to understand and explain because it made sense,” the outspoken Neumann says. “If the industry had standardized on that term instead of introducing a new term, and then so many other new terms since, it would be much further along now than it is.”

Putting into perspective the vision Neumann has demonstrated over the years, she directed her developers to support file sharing across multiple computer platforms at a time when it was difficult to move files between computers of the same type. Later, when the world was ready to break through the virtual walls of local area networks, Neumann had her team build the first-ever Web interface for a digital asset management system.

Jennifer Neumann has done more to establish today’s Digital Asset Management industry than any other individual. She was an early advocate for DAM’s potential and she remains one of the best ambassadors the technology has ever known. She built her company into one of the strongest DAM brands at the time, forging alliances with Apple, IBM and other technology giants.

Then, just as Neumann was working to convince her management team that their DAM should be sold as part of a complete solution, and not sold as a raw platform she once described as the “Cumulus configuration adventure game,” it all fell apart. Neumann envisioned a future for DAM that others at her company could not see. As a result, she separated from the company she built.

Free from the bounds of Digital Asset Management, Neumann started to explore the potential of a technology she considered much more encompassing: SharePoint. She started The Final Candidate to deliver complete solutions based on SharePoint and other technologies, and she used her new freedom to catch up on other new technology trends.

Now, Neumann has new thoughts about what comes next for SharePoint, Digital Asset Management and adjacent technologies, and she’s ready to talk. Join us for this live webcast and hear the Mother of DAM speak candidly about:

  • The early growth of the DAM industry
  • How she came to be at odds with her own management team
  • Mistakes the DAM industry has made and how it can recover
  • SharePoint’s relationship to DAM
  • What happens next for Digital Asset Management, SharePoint and more

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Picturepark is honored to host Jennifer Neumann in her first-ever live webcast interview.

Date: 05 November 2013

Time: 10:00 a.m. (San Francisco/Los Angeles) | 7:00 p.m. (Zürich/Berlin)