Make your Picturepark stored assets available from within MuseumPlus.

Make your Picturepark stored assets available from within MuseumPlus.

De-mystify the complexities of collection management with a seamless integration between Zetcom’s MuseumPlus platform and Picturepark. Combine the strengths of each platform, access Picturepark assets from within MuseumPlus and benefit from automatically updated previews. Let MuseumPlus’s tailored collection management options synergize with Picturepark’s expertise in digital asset management.

  • Images or other media content from Picturepark are directly shown with the corresponding objects in MuseumPlus; no need to change the system.
  • No high-res duplicates: the media content remains mastered and stored in Picturepark, it’s always kept in sync with MuseumPlus.
  • Object metadata is synced from MuseumPlus to Picturepark, where it enriches all media content and improves Picturepark’s search by using object information.
  • Picturepark ensures that only images which meet certain quality and other criteria can be previewed in MuseumPlus.

Combine High Level Collection Management with Powerful Content Automation Opportunities

The MuseumPlus connector provides you with possibilities as it unites two different but powerful platforms. The creators of MuseumPlus, Zetcom, have a wide range of experience in Collection Management, this comes from working with over 900 different institutions internationally. As a result, they have observed the specific areas that deeply matter to most museums, galleries, and other types of cultural heritage organizations. Building on this knowledge, MuseumPlus has a range of ready-built features, customized for collection management needs. This includes ways to manage exhibitions, the loaning of collections, restoration, and much more.

The versatile Picturepark platform has versatile features but has key strengths in the fields of digital asset management and content automation, with additional powerful capabilities in metadata management. The MuseumPlus connector unites these two powerful platforms, allowing each to perform even better in unison. For each piece managed on MuseumPlus, along with all of the related details, Picturepark provides the sturdy content backbone for managing media content such as images and videos related to those pieces and allows users managing their collection assets to take greater control thanks to intelligent automation options.

Powering Pieces with Content that Shines

On the MuseumPlus platform, it is possible to manage different collection pieces as objects. This enables each piece to be clearly separated and given the specific attention it requires. The connector allows direct integration to Picturepark from within the MuseumPlus user interface. Content may be managed on Picturepark but it is done so seamlessly.

In addition, the previews displayed on MuseumPlus, are one and the same as those found on Picturepark; as they are updated automatically. This removes the need for time-consuming manual updating.

As assets are managed within Picturepark, it also means that they are also available from within the Picturepark UI too; where they can be found easily, thanks to the powerful search. It is also possible to link from Picturepark to MuseumPlus, where more details about specific pieces can be explored. It also enables users to download in a selection of different automatically generated resolution sizes.