DAM Software Comparisons with Google Shortlists

Google Shortlists makes shopping for anything easier, more collaborative and easier to manage. Learn how you can use this great free resource to make your digital asset management comparisons easier to manage too.

Shopping for digital asset management software can be exhausting. Many applications seem very similar at first, making it difficult to remember what you liked about each. Then, as you get deeper into your evaluations and learn more, it can be difficult to remember which system offered what. Worse, keeping your team up to date on scheduled demos is difficult, not to mention all those endless email comment threads afterward that just make your brain hurt.

Google Shortlists makes it easier. Even though DAM software won’t likely be found within the Google Shopping Network, you can still use this wonderful tool:

  1. Add the website URL for any DAM solution you consider. (Here’s a great one to get you started: http://picturepark.com/software)
  2. Add a comment for your team that explains why that solution interests you.
  3. You can add a price too, but you’re not likely to get a realistic price from an enterprise DAM vendor until they know more about your needs and plans.
  4. Click the Share button and invite others to your evaluation process. They’ll be able to add their own comments, and you can inform them about upcoming demos.
  5. If you’ve recorded a demo you’ve been given (and you should!), post a link to the recording for those who couldn’t make the live session.
  6. Encourage your team to leave comments so that the expertise you gain during your evaluations is in one central location that everyone can see and access. (You know, the very reason you want a DAM!)

Best of all, as your brain becomes stuffed with DAM solution information, you’ll have a place to visit when you need a reminder of why you disqualified all those others systems in favor of Picturepark.

Create create your DAM software shortlist right now:


I hope this makes your DAM solution shopping a little easier! Here are some more digital asset management software comparison tips for you.

David Diamond
Director of Global Marketing