Product Updates in No Time with Flexible Data Models

Picturepark is not only developed in an agile way, Picturepark is fundamentally agile and extensions are possible at any time. Agile has become a buzzword nowadays although it just means that you keep an open mind to be able to adapt to circumstances and events, which for software systems just means that they should be able to adapt to growing or changing needs.

The tragic thing is that most software systems are not flexible at all, you get what you buy and you stick with it. Picturepark is different, allowing you to start with a basic setup and add departments, content types, or distribution channels at any stage. That also includes the connection of other systems, for catalog production or time recording and task management.

Picturepark is Flexible

The Picturepark data model is so flexible that we don’t offer a “one size” out-of-the-box solution but we offer an agile solution that grows with your business, with your needs. Your setup should follow an MVP (minimum viable product) approach, i.e. meeting the basic needs and expanding them if necessary. That is a basic principle of Picturepark, which also happens to be the most valuable play in the omnichannel market.

Problem 1: Image Updates

⚠ Some pictures in the shop are pixelated.

We replace the pictures.

Replace product images in Picturepark

Problem 2: Image Links

⚠ We also need pictures for the newsletter.

We create a share link to the product image.

✔ Attractive products in the shop, website, and in a newsletter.

Embed from Picturepark

Problem 3: New Product Category

⚠ We have a new product family, workshops, with completely different attributes.

We add our new product category "workshops" as a child list to our products.

We add new attributes.

We capture the product.

New products from category workshops are directly available.

Add new product category

Rigid systems, silos without connection, and manual updates cost valuable time.

Picturepark saves us the work of predicting a crisis, we work agile, our products are agile and we can act quickly again instead of reacting forever.

We start with the minimum amount of product information and constantly expand it. Thanks to the built-in automation that we have, we can have all the intermediate steps cleaned up when the business is going back to normal.

Centrally managed information that can be easily expanded is the best way to prepare for a quick response to unforeseen events.

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