Content Management White Paper: Next Steps

This document has provided you with one perspective on best practices for managing content. And while the recommendations herein are based on practical experiences, there are a number of differing opinions on some aspects of Content Management.

It is a good idea to read further on the subject, and to speak to others who have already built and managed similar systems. The following resources are recommended.

Content Management Books

Metadata for Content Management – Designing taxonomy, metadata, policy and workflow to make digital content systems better for users

Metadata for Content Management helps digital content managers design better content organization strategies, and envision and deploy creative ways in which metadata, taxonomy, policy and workflow can be used to make digital content systems more usable, functional and valuable to users. Available on Amazon

DAM Survival Guide – Digital Asset Management Initiative Planning

DAM Survival Guide is a digital asset management book that explains everything you need to know to design, plan, deploy, promote and maintain a successful DAM initiative at your organization. Written by a recognized and awarded DAM industry expert in a friendly, easy-to-follow style, DAM Survival Guide is a must-have resource for those new to DAM, and it’s great for those looking to increase their DAM knowledge too. Available on Amazon

Free from Picturepark

Picturepark has a limited number of the previous two titles on hand. Contact your Picturepark representative if you are interested in receiving a copy of either title.

Digital and Marketing Asset Management: The Real Story About DAM Technology and Practices

Digital and Marketing Asset Management was written for both marketers and publishers who need a clear understanding of how technology can empower them to do their jobs better. For technologists, the book is also a technical dissection of how DAM really works, so you’ll have a clearer vision of how DAM could and should fit into your enterprise architecture. Available on Amazon

DAM Guru Program

DAM Guru Program is an online community that includes more than 1,000 members from around the world. Experts in the fields of digital asset management, content management, information science and information technology offer their help to those who need it. All member services are free of charge.

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