Deepl Connector for Picturepark

Save Time With Machine Translation for Your Content and Metadata in Picturepark.

Automatically localize your content and metadata in Picturepark by using Deepl, a neural translation engine praised to be one of the most accurate and nuanced on the market.

The Deepl Connector to Picturepark helps you automate the translation of all your data so your users across the world can better find them with relevant context, overall saving you time and money.

  • Translate metadata, product information, and much more into various languages.

  • Make your international users understand all content and context in Picturepark.

  • Prevent misunderstandings by flagging auto-translated content before it has been manually reviewed.

  • Trigger translation and review workflows using Picturepark Business Rules.

DeepL... had outdone all the tech giants, raising the bar for machine translation.


Released in 2017, Deepl has been praised by users and analysts alike as setting new standards for neural machine translation services, ranking today on position 142 for global internet engagements according to, outperforming other translation services.

Part of the success of the German company was its ability to not just accurately translate from one language to another but to understand the nuances of the original content and to preserve lingual details when localizing, greatly improving human understanding. Being offered as a free service for much of what you basically need, user adoption of Deepl in Germany, Austria and Switzerland was rapid, and it increased further across Europe and internationally when Chinese, Japanese and other languages were added.

Using convolutional neural networks (CNNs), Deepl offers translation from/to 26 languages (as of Sep 2021), localizes complete documents, provides apps for all important platforms and extended commercial offerings with an emphasis on API integrations into Enterprise software such as Picturepark. For more information about the capabilities of Deepl, please refer to or try it out yourself for free on

Translate Your Content and Metadata Automatically.

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