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Automate Your Product Data for Better Marketing and Commerce.

Picturepark is your content automation hub for all relevant product data and gives you you full control what, when and where content is published.

Managing the complexity of your manufacturing content is daunting: Images, brochures, datasheets, videos and other corporate assets of your products, people, sites and partners with all its versions and variations need to be managed in a controlled way. And then, all these digital assets must also be seamlessly delivered to websites, commerce stores, partner portals, and PIM or CPQ systems.

Organize Your Manufacturing Content.

Content Hub


Product Data



No matter the type of content, Picturepark stores it all: Pictures, graphics, videos, data sheets, product information, attributes, vocabularies, and more can be easily refund in a single central content hub.

Save time by tagging less while getting more accurate search results with relevant context. Picturepark can tag and connect content that belongs together, apply permissions, publish or archive assets, and much more.

If required then you can manage all product information directly in Picturepark, or plug-in your PIM or ERP system and route all data through via Picturepark to your dealer portals, e-commerce stores and other touchpoints.

Content can be shared easily via email and download links, integrated into web pages or documents using embed links with conversion parameters, or integrated into an array of integrated apps and systems.

Publish all relevant information directly from within Picturepark via highly customized portals to your internal teams around the globe, your partners, the media, and others - manually or triggered automatically based on conditions.

Content Integrations for Manufacturing.

Integrate with PIM & ERP.

Whether you have a PIM, you manage your product data in your ERP or you consider using a new system for storing and routing all product information: Picturepark integrates via connectors or custom API integrations into ERP and PIM systems, and can store product attributes too.

Deliver Data for Commerce.

Bring all your product information to Shopify or other commerce platforms: Images, videos, documents or even complete product records are automatically transferred to Shopify and kept in sync with the master data managed in Picturepark.

Meet with Teams & SharePoint.

Bring your content where collaboration happens: Into Microsoft Teams or SharePoint. Search through content stored in Picturepark, add relevant content straight into conversations, provide it via libraries for download to users without any need of logon to Picturepark.

Publish to Your Web CMS.

Skip the download and upload step, and directly integrate your Picturepark-managed content into your Web Content Management System. Using ready-made connectors, our REST API or embed links, you can now more easily publish your images and other assets.

Connect Other Apps & Systems.

Connect your Picturepark and exchange your content seamlessly with a variety of other systems, using ready-made connectors or integrations which are ready for you to use. And if you don’t find the connectivity for a system that you use, you can easily build an integration yourself or via one of our partners, thanks to our SDKs and REST API.

Have Your Digital Assets Managed

Book a meeting to learn how Picturepark helps you organize your digital assets and other types of information in an automated way.

How Customers Use Picturepark

Picturepark stores all our digital assets across departments and regions, published via branded portals and integrated into our Product Information Management and CPQ applications.

Fabienne Flückiger Head of Online & Social Media Bystronic Group

Do More In Less Time.


Make product content available to the right people, at the right time and for the right task: to review, release and use. Automatically depublish and archive content, based on product end-of-life dates and other criteria.


Publish content the omnichannel way by using strictly-structured data and segmentation into content blocks. Be it a simple piece of text or more complex data objects - Picturepark stores them all.

Cutting Edge

Enjoy the benefits of modern technologies with as little legacy code as possible. Let our powerful data core, business rule engine and microservices push you ahead, to accomplish more.

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