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The General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA).

Do I need to apply to the GDPR, e.g. in Switzerland, which is not part of the EU?
  1. Yes, if you offer services or goods to people in the EU, regardless of whether or not users pay for it.
  2. Yes, if you track the IP addresses of your website users.
  3. Yes, if you advertise to people in the EU.

Basically, whenever in doubt - comply! See more details on (German).

This means that you have to request approval or rejection of consent from every user, getting a load of consent form PDF, mails, or entries. Whenever a user requests to delete all her data you must comply with the request. When your user requests a copy of their personal data you must provide it to them. If your website is breached you have to provide all information within 72 hours as a report. GDPR Compliance requires effective and efficient management of personal data.

Picturepark Lists for GDPR Compliance Management

Picturepark enables you to easily manage your GDPR consents forms and achieve GDPR compliance easily. User information including approval timestamps and withdrawal timestamps can be manually added to a Picturepark List or automatically created from your website consent form.

The Consent Form is attached as a document (PDF) to the entry. Picturepark can thus also check for each entry whether a Consent Form is available or still needs to be obtained.

GDPR Compliance List with User Details, Timestamps and Notifications about Withdrawal
GDPR Compliance List with User Details, Timestamps, and Notifications about Withdrawal

Picturepark sends out notifications to all required parties requesting all personal data removal in case of a withdrawal. With integrations into CMS and CRM tools, personal data can be removed automatically.

Manage GDPR Content

The Picturepark List is the place for all Consent Form PDF, and can serve two main purposes here:

  1. Overview of all GDPR consent forms, where you can easily search for personal data and see data and time when the approval was given if personal data was requested or to track withdrawal. This purpose is for the management of all GDPR consent forms.
  2. Tagging GDPR consent forms with all the users' content e.g. contracts, NDA's, screenshots, profile shots, or any other content provided. This way you can easily filter for all content of a user, who withdraw consent and remove all references accordingly.
Filter Content by GDPR User
Filter Content by GDPR User

This way, as GDPR responsible or even Marketing Manager, I can quickly and easily see which users provided what content. In case of a withdrawal, I can quickly filter for the users' content and remove all shares, links, and references. GDPR compliance officers can extend the filters or GDPR information any time (now or in 5 years, thanks to the agile data model) to include parties that need to be informed, responsible departments, breaches, or deputies.

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GDPR Data Overview

Every entry in your Picturepark GDPR compliance list has detailed information you can check at any time. Here you see the personal data of the user, its consent form PDF attached, and all referenced content the user provided to you.

GDPR Compliance User Details and User Content
GDPR Compliance User Details and User Content

GDPR Data Export

With Picturpeark you can not only check, oversee and manage all consent form PDFs but you can also quickly export all data in case a user requests to get all personal data collected. In case your user requests an overview of all data, you just export an Excel file with all information including referenced content.

  1. Filter for the User
  2. Select Export Excel
  3. Select all GDPR Information
GDPR Export Content and Data upon User Request
GDPR Export Content and Data upon User Request

Picturepark for GDPR Management

With Picturepark you can safely and reliably meet all the requirements of the GDPR and achieve compliance, because with Picturepark:

  • You find consent form PDFs quickly and easily.
  • Find all content of specific users.
  • Can export all data of a user including all content.
  • Quickly find and check all references in case of revocation.

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