DAM’s Original Sales Soldier

Imagine a commitment to selling digital asset management solutions that has lasted more than two decades.

Hector Medina

While most DAM vendor employees identify themselves as “senior” after only a year or two in the field, 2015 marks the 20th year that Picturepark Director of Sales for the Americas, Hector Medina, has been helping customers discover digital asset management.

Medina’s DAM career started in 1994 as Canto Software’s first employee in the United States. Hector opened the German company’s first US office and established the brand in the US market. While at Canto, Medina sold more Cumulus licenses than any Canto salesperson worldwide—a record that likely stands today.

“Hector was my first employee in our San Francisco office,” explained Canto founder and former CEO Jennifer Neumann. “He quickly proved himself invaluable for my company, as he took responsibility, which is what a start-up needs. I don’t think we could have built the large customer base without him.

“After Hector left,” added David Diamond, who worked with Hector at Canto for many years, “subsequent sales figures were always compared to ‘what Hector sold’. No one ever came close to matching his performance.”

Medina left Canto in 2010 to open the first US office for Austrian DAM vendor Celum. Eventually, he came to Picturepark to also open our first US office.

Within the three years Hector has been with Picturepark, he and his solutions team have increased our sales in the United States by a factor of eight, making the United States Picturepark’s fastest growing region during the 3-year period.

In all, Hector Medina is responsible for establishing DAM vendors Canto, Celum and Picturepark in the United States. That in mind, it’s difficult to imagine that any DAM salesperson in the history of this industry has introduced more organizations to Digital Asset Management than has Hector Medina.

The employees of Picturepark congratulate our beloved and respected colleague. We honor him for what he has done for our industry, and we thank him for adding so much fun, character and integrity to our company.

Below are some words from people who have worked with and befriended Hector over the years:

“Although we communicate from half way round the planet, I always find Hector to be responsive and positive—he’s a pleasure to deal with!”

Linda Rouse of Picturepark partner DataBasics

“Hector is such a wonderful attribute to any dealings we have. Polite, helpful, keen, eager and amiable are just some of the words I associate with him.”

Ricky Patten of Picturepark partner DataBasics

“Working with Hector over the years has helped me be better at my job. Having him as an ally is almost as nice as having him as a friend.”

Beth Hogan of Picturepark partner, Carey Digital

“I’ve worked with Hector for much of the past 20 years and no matter the topic or how my day is going, I’ve never once thought ‘Oh crap, I have to speak to Hector.’”

Jon Hornstein of Picturepark partner Modula4

“Hector, I am very happy to see you still strive in DAM sales after all these years! And thank you for being a great friend!”

Jennifer Neumann, Canto founder and “Mother of DAM,” and friend of Hector’s for 20 years

“Back in 2011, I was working in the Picturepark booth at the Henry Stewart DAM show in New York. I was completely lost—it was my first exhibition and my first trip to New York. Next to me, working in the Celum booth, was this charming, nice guy named Hector, whom everyone there seemed to know and like. I think he sensed how lost I was because he came over to say hello. He was so friendly, offering insights about how those kinds of exhibitions worked, and just generally being so warm and wonderful. I had to remind myself that he was a competitor, but I couldn’t help but wish he worked for Picturepark instead.

Not long after, our CEO introduced our new director of sales for the Americas. It was Hector, and I was so thrilled! To this day, I still adore him for this warm-heartedness, kindness, happiness, humor—for everything he is and does. Even now when I think about him it makes me smile and feel better. Thank you Mr. Sunshine! It is a pleasure working with you!”

Olivia Schütt, Picturepark product manager

“Every time I start a call with Hector, I forget to look at the watch and, suddenly, two hours have passed by, with laughing but also meaningful talks. He just knows the industry so well and I really appreciate his positive attitude. And he still looks pretty good for having survived this industry for 20 years!”

Philip Axman, Picturepark sales director for EMEA/APAC, and coworker of Hector’s at Celum

“Hector and I have had so much fun over the years that it’s tough for me to remember that we’re coworkers and not brothers. We’ll be clowning around on a call, making fun of everything, and out of nowhere, he’ll say something so wise about the DAM industry that I’m inspired to stop, rethink everything, and change course. This has happen so many times, I can’t tell you.

When I hear him on calls, I hear him discuss DAM with the same level of excitement and fascination he had when we first met, back in 1998. DAM is not just something he sells; it’s where he belongs.

Canto was never the same after he left, and since his arrival here, Picturepark has never been stronger.”

David Diamond, Picturepark director of global marketing, and coworker of Hector’s since 1998

“A long time ago, I unnecessarily reacted quite harsh on a question from Hector. Whenever I get in touch with him since, it still makes me feel guilty because I recognize every time how nice he is.”

Thomas Wackersreuther, Picturepark director of R&D

“Nothing can challenge Hector’s positive attitude, which I find admirable and inspiring.”

Ramon Forster, Picturepark CEO