Accelerating Your Digital Transformation in 2021

The below message was sent out to Picturepark customers to mark the new year. It looks back at the history of the company, looks ahead to 2021 and highlights how digital transformation is very much a long-term goal. Additionally, it provides some information on the annual donation to developmental charity RISDT.

Dear Customer,

Digital transformation has been a marketing buzzword for many years. But only 2020 has shown us what happens when transformation becomes a “must-have” overnight.

With physical movements restricted and relationships managed remotely, software plays an ever more important role in everyday life. In the world of content management, this transition started about 30 years ago and it resulted in all kinds of software categories, such as Web-CMS, DAM, PIM, or MRM.

In 1997, Picturepark was among the first digital asset management systems hosted in the cloud. With ever growing amounts of content in mind, we released our new Content Platform in 2019. Our goal: to help you organize your content with smart automation and strictly-structured data, and bring it to where it is needed - faster and with less human effort.

With four releases a year, we continue to provide you with new automation capabilities that free you from managing content and metadata manually. And with a major release scheduled for this summer, we’ll be improving the user experience and features further, so you can achieve even more during your actual time spent with Picturepark.

As in previous years, we feel fortunate that we as a company are doing relatively well. Aside from heavily investing into our products for your benefit, we also continue to support RISDT, a recognized charity that improves the life of hundreds of people in rural South India.

Please let me know how we can improve to support you best. Thank you for making us a part of your digital transformation!

Happy New Year!


P.S. While Picturepark employees have enjoyed the benefits of partial home-office long before the pandemic started, some commonly encountered scenes inspired colleagues to create a short video about online meetings. Enjoy watching it!