How to Say No to Picturepark

Picturepark isn’t always the right choice for those who come to us looking for DAM software. Though our business goal is of course to sell DAM systems, the reason we provide the educational materials we do is to enable prospects to make educated decisions about the systems they choose.

We received the message below on 11 June 2014:

“I would like to extend a big THANK YOU to all of the people at Picturepark. Me being a DAM rookie, I was able to learn quite a bit thanks to the plethora of information you guys provide. That’s one of the main reasons I put Picturepark at the top of my list of “companies to consider”.

We really appreciate the time you guys took to put all that information together along with the webinars you provide. I learned a lot and was confident in my report and recommendation that was submitted to my supervisors with regards to what type of DAM system we should get.

It is unfortunate that in the end, Picturepark was not the right fit for us. However, I want to at least make sure you know how much I appreciate the information you guys provide.”

Alx Basurto Web Content Manager, Ace Mart Restaurant Supply

(Letter published with permission.)

We thank Mr. Basurto for taking the time to write to us and let us know that, though we didn’t make a sale, we are reaching our greater goal of helping people better understand Digital Asset Management.

Please enjoy and share the digital asset management webinars and white papers Alx mentions. No signup forms are required. We hope these DAM education materials help others #LearnDAM too.

On behalf of all Picturepark employees,

David Diamond
Director of Global Marketing