Master Data Management

Manage Your Digital Master files, Content Objects, Taxonomies, and More.

Picturepark supports any type of data, be it contained in files, stored in virtual Content Items or Lists, and can serve as a central reference source for people and other systems.

Master Data Management (MDM) describes using a central system as the single source of truth for managing critical data that is made available to other systems, providing a complete, current and accurate view of that data at any point in time. Picturepark can help you start with MDM in a manageable and affordable way.

Master Your Data.

Digital Assets

Content Blocks

Product Information


Any Entity

Centrally store the reference files that are important for you: Images, Illustrations, Word or PDF documents, audio and video files, templates - any file.

If your content is not in a file: create a virtual item and store the data directly in Picturepark - structured using schemas and markdown syntax the way you want.

Product content without a home? Manage all your product information around a central "golden product record".

Capture the taxonomies and vocabularies that you need, structure along 'broader' relationships - in any language.

Extend Picturepark and use it for storing data about your organisational entities, events, marketing personas, key persons, programs and projects - you name it.

Do More In Less Time.

Single Reference

Whether media assets, documents, product records, taxonomies, program data, disclaimers and much more: put an end to data silos and access a complete and current record of any type of information.

API First

Integrate content faster via our comprehensive REST API and SDKs in different technologies. Use UI elements such as a Content Picker or trigger Service Providers via the Picturepark Livestream.

Swiss Made

Get better performance and higher uptimes via our server clustering. Put your mind at rest with our secure Swiss data hosting with an extra protection via Suisse Safe tape backups.

Master Data Management

The “API-first” architecture of the Content Platform ensures that all data managed within Picturepark can get where it needs to be, with minimal development effort. Whether the data must be “pushed” to downstream systems, or “pulled” by those systems directly from Picturepark, all options are available.

Whether you already have an enterprise-wide MDM system or multiple decentralized repositories in place for certain master data only, you can connect it with the Picturepark Content Platform for making use of its complementary capabilities such as managing file-based and file-less content, tagging your data using Adaptive Metadata™ or Semantic Relationships.

MDM Demo.

Book a meeting to learn how Picturepark helps you organize your digital assets and other types of information in an automated way.

Without a single source of truth, conflicting content can be distributed, your stakeholders become confused, and important updates might not arrive at all distribution points.

Master Data Management might not yet be in your scope, but it is a requirement that is best handled sooner than later. When you start with the Picturepark Content Platform, you get all the essentials to build and maintain a MDM initiative that works for you today and tomorrow, as a standalone system or part of a larger solution.

The concept seems obvious, but in many situations, data such as product information, company and partner certifications, corporate taxonomies, programs and policy definitions are managed in more than one system. This happens mostly because systems are not connected, or one business unit hasn’t coordinated efforts.

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