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What is Adaptive Metadata?

Instead of being limited to a single metadata schema for all your content, Picturepark enables you to design different schemas that better suit different content types. Watch the video to see how it works and saves you time.




Was sind adaptive Metadaten?

Anstatt sich auf ein einziges Metadatenschema für alle Inhalte beschränken zu müssen, können Sie in Picturepark verschiedene Schemata erstellen. So werden Ihre Metadaten besser auf unterschiedliche Inhaltstypen abgestimmt.



Picturepark Case Studies


Faber-Castell has been the world’s best known manufacturer of precision writing instruments for centuries. Today, the company produces thousands of products, with thousands more in the archive, and more in development for tomorrow. The company relies on...

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Arena Swims with Picturepark DAM

Arena has grown into a global icon of swimwear preferred by many world-class and Olympic athletes. Arena uses Picturepark DAM to power the company’s 24/7 global content distribution that helps drives the brand.

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Content Management within Master Data Management

Hilti is a global brand that manages product information for more than 10,000 items, in more than 40 languages. Using a suite of networked business systems, the company creates, manages, approves and distributes its product information, without duplication of effort, and with confidence that its global partners, websites, mobile apps and printed materials always provide accurate and current information.

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Content Management White Paper: Next Steps

This document has provided you with one perspective on best practices for managing content. And while the recommendations herein are based on practical experiences, there are a number of differing opinions on some aspects of Content Management. It is a good idea to...

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Content Management White Paper: Measuring Results

There are only two good reasons for measuring results of your content system: You need to report those results You plan to use those results to improve performance The first point suggests that some manager will qualify the value of the content system or the content...

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Content Management White Paper: Output Channels

Though output channels can be as diverse as Twitter, a video distribution service, or product catalog production, what is common when routing content to output channels is the workflow considerations through which content must traverse before it is published. Unlike...

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