Picturepark Content Platform: API-first Technologies

Blog taken from a series of pages illustrating the functionalities of the Picturepark Content Platform.

Built API-first

All content comes from somewhere and needs to go somewhere. Only systems consequently designed for a high level of connectivity and scale can be used to connect, manage and route content without compromise.

That’s what we had considered from the earliest Content Platform design plans.

The key benefits of the Picturepark Content Platform API-first approach include:

  • Easier, more reliable and unified connectivity with other business systems
  • Faster exchange, processing and routing of content via the Content Platform
  • Strict separation of data storage and structuring from publishing and layouting
  • Cross-channel publishing via Microsites, apps and other systems
  • White-labeled technology for building new content-driven applications
  • Access to best-of-breed features and technologies from external systems
  • Consistent, comprehensive and growing set of API methods and framework
  • Higher degree of automation resulting in faster processing at lower costs
  • Easier, faster and more enjoyable for developers to integrate or use as building block

The Picturepark Content Platform enables you to build content-driven solutions the way you want based on modern content management technology at the core.

Modern Core Technologies

Using modern technologies and software architecture principles for developing the Picturepark Content Platform was not an afterthought but a guiding principle so that the system meets the requirements of today and tomorrow.

  • Core programming languages: C#/.net, Angular
  • Application server: ASP.NET Core
  • Storage/cache/queue: ElasticSearch, Redis, RabbitMQ
  • Authentication/identity management: Identity Server
  • Microservice architecture