Picturepark Weisshorn Release | Oct 2021

Efficiency in data management with a smarter and omniscient work experience.

A new version of the Picturepark Content Platform is released.

  • Version: Weisshorn Release (11.0)
  • Date: 23-Oct-2021
  • Platform: {name}.picturepark.com
  • Main changes:
    • UX Changes for more efficiency.
    • Side-by-side view.
    • Smart Tag manager.
A picture of Weisshorn from Bishorn in 2019 was shot by our Senior Engineer Marek Sajna. License: CC BY SA.

Weisshorn is a mountain of the Pennine Alps, located between the valleys of Anniviers and Zermatt in the canton of Valais. The search for the release name took longer, as our team votes were equally split between three suggested mountains. The final decision was made by the votes of Matina Hämmerli and Bruno Jehle, the founders of the Picturepark company, who then also invited the whole team to their Maiensäss in the Canton of Valais, Switzerland.

Release Details

These are the final release notes.

Breakthrough Performance.

We significantly improved the User Experience for regular users, editors, and data analysts alike by introducing and changing most UI components.

Details Performance.

Do more in less time with the latest Picturepark Weisshorn release. You can find videos of the most important UX changes here. Enjoy a smarter and omniscient work experience for data management.

11 Changes for More Efficiency.

The (Power) User Interface.

The main menu is better organized and grouped into main tasks or areas for specific user roles, e.g., end-users, editors, administrators.

Details User Interface.

Side-by-Side Detail Views.

We changed the Detail Views from a one-page layout to side-by-side views, with tabs.

Details Side-by-Side Views.

Smart Tag Manager.

Your Picturepark lists reflect your data model, covering taxonomies, product information, attributes - you name it. Using the tag manager, you can better oversee, inspect, maintain and optimize your metadata and other information.

Details Smart Tag Manager

See videos of the most important UX changes of this release here. Learn how to work smarter, not harder - with Picturepark Weisshorn.

11 Changes for More Efficiency.

New Picturepark Commerce Connector for Shopify
New Picturepark Connector for MS Teams
New Picturepark Connector for DeepL Translations
Changes To API & SDKs

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