A New Year’s Greeting… with a Swiss Twist!

The below is a copy of our 2020 New Year's mailing that was sent to customers, along with details of our annual donation to Indian developmental charity KALPAS and also features an interactive quiz.

Dear Customer,

During 2019, we’ve been watching news of data leaks, new regulations and increased competition in all markets. This further confirms how vital it is to process and exchange your content, both in automated and intelligently controlled ways.

Why? Only through automation will you improve time to market of your content and save valuable resources that can be better allocated elsewhere. And only through intelligent control will you get the assurance that the quality of your content will not deteriorate due to robots ‘going wild’.

In 2020, we will continue our journey with our new Picturepark Content Platform. It has already been recognised by leading analysts as a key contender in both the Omnichannel Content Platform and Digital Asset Management categories. Through our Business Process Engine we have laid down a solid foundation for automated tagging, connecting, permitting and routing content; process automation will play a key role in the way we continue to strengthen our product.

We are proud of what we have achieved so far and we will continue to strive to improve in order to get the right things done, in the right way. The new year will bring with it new challenges but I'm certain that we will go above and beyond them. Backed by our strong team, growing partner network and our distinguished customer base.

Before you head off, back to the realities of your growing inboxes and to-do lists for 2020, take a short break with us and learn more about some of the traditions of Switzerland, our home-country, along with a unique one we have here at Picturepark:

Swiss & Picturepark Traditions Quiz

Thank you for being part of our journey, for your trust in us and our products.

Happy New Year!


P.S. Following on from the tradition of previous years and instead of sending greeting cards in the mail, we are donating to KALPAS, a recognized non-profit organization that specialises in development projects in rural South India, established by the founders of the Picturepark company.