Video of New Jersey DAM Meetup

On 07 July 2016, The New Jersey DAM Meetup presented ‘What is DAM?’ Panelists included Deb Fanslow from Schawk/Campbell Soup, Ronald Gill from Cognizant, and Picturepark’s own Peter Parker. Frank DeCarlo of RPR Graphics hosted.

A number of interesting topics were covered by the panel, including:

  • Why do we need to enter metadata when auto-tagging technologies are now available?
  • How important is it to get buy-in from the various departments that will use a content system?
  • What considerations are important when deciding between SaaS and on-premise deployment?

Congratulations to all involved with what turned out to be a successful #LearnDAM experience for those in attendance. Picturepark was pleased to have been able to provide free copies of DAM Survival Guide to attendees.

If you’re interested in starting a content or DAM Meetup in your area, DAM Guru Program can help put you in touch with others.

Video recording of Deb Fanslow, Ronald Gill, Peter Parker and Frank DiCarlo presenting “What is DAM?” at the New Jersey DAM Meetup on 07 July 2016.