Picturepark Micr.io Connector

IIIF Image Interoperability with Picturepark and Micr.io

Standardize your image delivery and enable deep zoom in ultra resolution for your Picturepark product and marketing content via the micr.io IIIF platform.

The Picturepark Connector for IIIF Micr.io enhances content delivery for content managed and stored in Picturepark:

  • High-Resolution Zoomable Imagery (images up to 150 000 pixels).
  • Zoomable, interactive 360° images with tours.
  • Full IIIF Support for Image API and Presentation API.
  • Cloud-hosted global delivery via Micr.io Google Cloud and CDN.

    Micr.io offers solutions for museums, artists, photographers, broadcasting companies - Any vertical that wants to offer a real close look at their products or offer tours.

    Micr.io is an award-winning platform, with IIIF compatibility for interactive and visual storytelling with high-resolution images (the highest resolution since 2015). Micr.io is Used by broadcasting companies, museums, artists, photographers, and other professionals.

    The International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF, generally pronounced “triple-eye-eff”) is an open standard for high-quality content delivery online at scale, to deliver visual content from servers to different sites and applications, to be viewed or interacted with (e.g. virtual tours). The IIIF Consortium (IIIF-C) (with global research libraries, national libraries, archives, software companies, digital agencies, and aggregators) share a set of goals:

    1. Improve research and provide researchers with uniform and rich access to the digitized visual resources of the world

    2. API definition and maintenance to enable interoperability between repositories (#nosilo)

    3. Developing, cultivating, and documenting shared technologies that provide a world-class user experience in viewing, comparing, manipulating, and annotating digitized visual and audio materials

    Possible Workflow for Museums.

    1. Create Object in inventory management (e.g. MuseumPlus).
      1. Sync metadata with Picturepark.

      2. Get high-res preview links from Picturepark.

    2. Mark object as “online database object”.
      1. Flag updated in Picturepark.

    3. Online database objects are automatically uploaded to Micr.io.
      1. Picturepark high-res files uploaded to Micr.io.

      2. Micr.io links added to Picturepark.

    4. Online Gallery gets Micr.io IIIF links from Picturepark.

    Demo Samples Micr.io

    High-Res Content Delivery.

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