Digital Asset Management

The management of file-based content using sophisticated metadata features is what Picturepark DAM was designed to do, and it is a key capability of the Picturepark Content Platform.


Digital Asset Management (DAM) is a collective term applied to the process of storing, cataloguing, searching and delivering computer files (or digital assets).

DAM Glossary

Digital asset management (DAM) describes the policies and processes that govern the management of files that are of importance to an organization. DAM software is designed to facilitate those policies and processes.

While the majority of files managed in DAM systems are images, a DAM is also used to manage video, audio, PDFs, Word documents or virtually any other type of file.

A key differentiator between digital asset management and content management is that, with DAM, management is focused on the file. With content management, the content that is managed might not be stored in a file.


Today, more and more options exist where content is no longer managed locally in a file but in cloud apps which provide their own proprietary formats, such as Google Docs, social media posts and mobile or website pages.

Digital Asset Management
Digital Asset Management

However, for organizations that have large collections of legacy files to manage, digital asset management will remain a viable practice for a long while; for organizations just getting started with either practice, a more holistic approach to content management is the recommended path.

Both options are available with Picturepark products which have been in use since 1998. Picturepark introduced technologies into Picturepark DAM such as Adaptive Metadata that have been cited to be the most innovative found in the industry. More recently, the new Picturepark Content Platform has raised the defined a new bar for the management of all types of content.

Picturepark DAM

Picturepark DAM is a popular digital asset management system that has been in use for nearly 20 years. Some of the world’s best known brands rely on Picturepark DAM to manage their files, and distribute those files to those who need them.

Among the features available in Picturepark DAM are:

Picturepark DAM was the world’s first commercial software as a service (SaaS) DAM system.

Picturepark Content Platform

The Picturepark Content Platform is more holistically focused on content than files, but it was designed to handle files with the same prowess it manages other content. Borrowing digital asset management capabilities from Picturepark DAM, the Content Platform is an ideal system for those organizations that see their future content management needs, but have legacy file collections they need to make use of today and tomorrow.

Those familiar with how DAM systems work will feel at home in the Content Platform because it comprises of all relevant features you find in a DAM system. Else than most DAM systems on the market, the Picturepark Content Platform is built API-first on latest technologies and geared towards Content Routing for which it supports a number of content management innovations:

Collectively, these technologies make it easier to manage content of any type.

Your safe choice

You can’t make the wrong decision when choosing between Picturepark DAM and the Picturepark Content Platform. Both systems are leaders in their respective classes and can even be deployed in parallel. Migration paths are available to move from Picturepark DAM to the Content Platform when the time is right so that Picturepark works for you today and tomorrow, as a standalone system or part of a larger solution.