Measures Taken to Minimize the Impact of COVID-19

With global headlines focused on the COVID-19 viral pandemic, we sent out the following email to all of our customers. As there is much uncertainty surrounding the impact of the virus, we want to be transparent about the pre-emptive measures which we are taking to safeguard our service and employees.

Dear Customer,

The COVID-19 pandemic has now reached all countries in which Picturepark customers maintain a presence. With this email, we’d like to inform you about how Picturepark is proactively managing the situation to safeguard the operational integrity of our services for you and your organisation.

Picturepark teams are fully operational.

All Picturepark teams are operational and have not experienced any issues. In the case of any anomalies arising, we have processes in place to escalate and deal with them, as has been the case for several years. At the moment, we do not foresee any disruptions to the Picturepark Cloud Service or our support. You can always consult for the latest cloud status.

Home-office to help ‘flatten the curve’.

Employees that are not required to be present in our offices are now working from home. Home office is a well-established benefit offered by our company, and we are highly experienced in delivering a smooth remote-working experience. Working from home helps to ‘flatten the curve’, as it has been coined by health organisations, slowing the spread of the virus and ease the pressure on overwhelmed health systems. Additionally, this measure also reduces the risk of entire teams becoming inoperable at once due to the occurrence of cross-infections.

Robust hosting infrastructure and suppliers.

As we are always seeking to provide a high-quality service for our customers, we recently assessed our Swiss hosting provider for the Picturepark Cloud Service on multiple key points. During this assessment, among other points, we improved the contractual warranties and processes in place for worst case disaster scenarios. We’re also offering a premium backup option to our customers, called “Suisse Safe”. As well as this, we’re in constant dialogue with critical suppliers to identify and prevent or mitigate any service disruptions.

Debt-free and independent.

Picturepark is an independent, privately-owned and stable company, with a debt-free balance sheet and no venture or other at-risk capital. Key positions in management and other critical functions are staffed by highly committed, experienced and trusted employees that have proven their ability to work together under demanding circumstances for many years.

Accessible for you.

If you have concerns or need help, then please feel free to let me know directly. You can also always reach out to your key account manager or the sales team via, or address any technical issues via We will try to answer any of your questions as quickly as possible.

The Picturepark team and I wish you, your coworkers, friends and family good health. We all remain positive for better times, while remaining vigilant and prepared for any uncertainties.

Sincere regards,

Ramon Forster