Metadata Automation – New Jersey DAM Meetup Recording

Video recording of “Metadata Automation,” the New Jersey Digital Asset Management Meetup from 14 Dec 2016.

The New Jersey DAM Meetup hosted another impressive panel for this month’s virtual meetup, entitled “Metadata Automation.” Panelists included David Riecks, Mark Walter and Picturepark’s Peter Parker. Meetup organizers Deb Fanslow and Frank DiCarlo hosted the #LearnDAM event.

All organizers and panelists (except for Mr. Walter) are active members of DAM Guru Program.

Video recording of DAM Guru Program members, David Riecks, Spencer Harris and Picturepark’s Peter Parker, with Mark Walter, speaking on Metadata Automation from 12 December 2016 New Jersey DAM Meetup.

About the Panelists

Peter Parker is an experienced technology manager, DAM integration expert, and workflow evangelist who maintains a focus on providing real world solutions that enable users. He works for Picturepark in the United States, helping customers design and deploy systems. Connect with Peter Parker on LinkedIn.

David Riecks is a sought-after consultant on digital imaging and metadata. He is involved in recent standards initiatives, and has been a featured speaker at PhotoPlus Expo, Microsoft’s Pro Photo Summit and several of the International Photo Metadata conferences held at CEPIC. Riecks has appeared in the popular Picturepark webinars, DAM and the Tao of Taxonomy and The Copyright Killings. Connect with David Riecks on LinkedIn.

Spencer Harris offers more than eight years’ experience in development, analysis, processing and training of digital asset management solutions, workflows, and processes for small and large creative organizations. He offers a understanding of best practices related to hardware setup, taxonomy, keyword usage, and metadata structure. Connect with Spencer Harris on LinkedIn.

Mark Walter is a veteran consultant, analyst and marketer who has broad experience with content technologies in corporate and commercial publishing contexts. Walter has more than 20 years’ experience as a content/media/publishing technology analyst and consultant. Connect with Mark Walter on LinkedIn.