The Story Behind the New Picturepark Website

A few months ago, some of us at Picturepark got to talking about what makes a website great. Of course a website has to look nice and be easy to navigate; but we figured it had to be more than that too. A great website must be a great resource. It must be a place that is full of useful information, and it must do more than try to sell something.

We spent some time looking at other websites, in particular the websites of other DAM vendors. Some were nicer than others, but all seemed to have one thing in common: They were primarily about selling DAM software. They were designed to benefit DAM vendors but not the DAM community.

This inspired us to do something different. We’ve designed the new Picturepark website from the perspective of you, the visitor. We’ve included useful resources for people learning about digital asset management, and we’ve included some resources for DAM experts too. We’ve also included some new content that we hope will give you a better sense of the people behind the Picturepark brand. (And, yes, we’ve even included pages that we hope will inspire people to buy Picturepark DAM software.)

But most of all, we hope the DAM community finds the new Picturepark website to be a enjoyable place to spend some time. We’ll continue to provide you with the webinars, white papers and other educational materials that have helped make Picturepark a friend of the DAM community. And we’ll continue to come up with great community resources like DAM Guru Program, to help make sure people always have access the DAM information and help they need. Only now, it will be easier to find it all in one location that’s easy to navigate, mobile friendly, and we think pretty nice to look at.

We hope you enjoy the new Picturepark website. We hope that each time you visit, you leave with a little more digital asset management knowledge than you arrived with, and we hope you’ll use the Share links on pages you like.

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David Diamond
Director of Global Marketing