DAM Solution Pricing Examples

To help you get a better idea of what your new Picturepark DAM will cost, we’ve assembled here a series of cost examples that are based on systems in use by current Picturepark customers.

Corporate Communications

Picturepark can serve the needs of corporate communications departments that need to control and share digital assets while keeping things simple.

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Agency that Hosts Assets for Clients

Agencies can offset the cost of Picturepark by offering DAM services to clients. Productions benefit because all client assets are in one location.

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Marketing/Brand Management

A central asset repository enables marketing pros to streamline campaign production and better control brand consistency.

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University with Multiple Stakeholders

University departments can share a single Picturepark system to save money, even while each stakeholder has it’s own metadata, fields and configurations.

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SMB Manufacturer

Manufacturers develop brochures, engineering materials, user documentation, advertising and more. Picturepark makes it all available from a single portal.

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Multinational with Subsidiaries

Large organizations with have regional offices, partner or subsidiaries will benefit from using the multi-tenant capabilities of Picturepark for global controlled distribution.

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