Agency Multitenancy

Agencies that provide Marketing, Communication, Brand Management, Web Hosting and other services can strengthen their client relationships and increase revenue by providing Digital Asset Management (DAM) services. Clients will appreciate user-friendly access to their content for approvals and use, and projects will run more smoothly because everyone will know where to find everything they need, 24/7, from virtually anywhere on earth.

Added Value and Increased Efficiency

Picturepark enables agencies to not only manage their own digital assets, but to easily and affordably offer secure, DAM services to clients. This value-added service is appreciated by clients who have no interest in managing a new enterprise system of their own. Client employees can easily access anything need, without IT support or special software, and projects aren’t delayed due to lost files or unmanaged approvals. In many cases, time-to-market can even be reduced, while the quality of work increases because file management and approval logistics don’t cut into creative time.

Agencies can bill for the DAM services they provide, both during and after active productions. Once a client is used to working with the DAM, they’ll prefer to stick with that solution for ongoing access to their own collections. Because the system can be fully branded to each client’s CI, and configured to match each client’s workflow, sticking with what already works will be the choice clients make. This is good news for agencies, because it affords them recurring revenue long after projects are complete.

Subscriptions make it easy for clients and agency employees to know when changes have been made by others. This helps keep productions on track, and it enables account managers to see how their clients are using the system.

With Picturepark we can offer different customers their own small media database. This represents great added value for them, increases customer loyalty, and makes our work easier.

Markus Hilss, Chief Operating Officer, Barth Medienhaus GmbH

Barth Medienhaus is able to manage DAM services for multiple clients from a single Picturepark instance. Each client’s assets and metadata are isolated through independant channels, as shown.

One Platform, Multiple Clients

Picturepark is the ideal digital asset management platform for agencies because Picturepark was designed to serve multiple clients. Each client enjoys its own, branded, isolated and secure instance of the software, and agencies can manage all client Picturepark instances from a single location, using nothing more than a Web browser.

Unlike other DAM platforms that claim to be multi-tenant capable, Picturepark requires no programming or other development. Right “out of the box,” Picturepark is ready to provide multi-client services. In addition, everyone can access Picturepark using a Web browser, so there is no client software to install, and user training is minimized.

Self Service for Clients

Format and other conversions are handled by Picturepark, which reduces the “Do me a favor?” services clients expect, but that are not billable. Statistics for user access, download, storage space and more are tracked and can be easily exported for billing and audit purposes.

Original masters, such as high-resolution Photoshop files and Illustrator files, can be reserved for agency employees only, ensuring clients aren’t confused by file types that won’t work for them. Picturepark even provides built-in support for requesting assets, so when client need files not available to them, the account manager will know within moments.

Advantages for Agencies and Clients

  • Strengthen client relationships through added-value service
  • Expand the agency’s portfolio of clients by offering DAM services to new contacts
  • Integrate clients into agency workflows
  • Advertise new services to clients, such as archive indexing and metadata design
  • Reduce production delays and improve communications
  • Manage all DAMs from a single location

Agency employees can see all client files from within a single Picturepark instances, or multiple Picturepark instances can be used for even greater control, security and hardware leveraging. Note in this image that channels (tabs) for all clients can be seen. In the image below, the connected customer can see only her own channel.

When clients connect to Picturepark, they see a simplified user experience that includes only their own digital assets.

Partnering with Picturepark

Picturepark provides licensing and usage terms that are liberal and friendly to agencies that want to protect client relationships:

  • Agency may charge whatever it likes for any service it decides to offer, with no royalties owed to Picturepark
  • Agency clients are customers of the agency, not Picturepark
  • Back-end support for agencies and their clients
  • Guidance for managing and scaling the system to meet increased demand

Profit Calculation

Based on an affordable client cost of only 150 (US Dollars, Euros, Swiss Francs) per month, multi-client services based on Picturepark can approach profitability within two years of launch, with only 5 clients participating. During this period, the agency can leverage the system for its own DAM needs, which boosts ROI even further.

Agency Media Portal – USD Year 1 Year 2
Revenue from clients 1 & 2 7,200 7,200
Revenue from clients 3, 4 & 5 0 10,800
Expenses for software license -7,000 -4,000
Expenses for professional services -5,000 0
Annual Profit -4,800 14,000
Carryforward Year 1 – 4,800
Net Profit -4,800 9,200
Agency Media Portal – CHF Year 1 Year 2
Revenue from clients 1 & 2 7,200 7,200
Revenue from clients 3, 4 & 5 0 10,800
Expenses for software license -7,000 -4,000
Expenses for professional services -5,000 0
Annual Profit -4,800 14,000
Carryforward Year 1 – 4,800
Net Profit -4,800 9,200
Agency Media Portal – EUR Year 1 Year 2
Revenue from clients 1 & 2 5.760 5.760
Revenue from clients 3, 4 & 5 0 8.640
Expenses for software license -5.600 -3.200
Expenses for professional services -4.000 0
Annual Profit -3.840 11.200
Carryforward Year 1 – 3.840
Net Profit -3.840 7.360

: Software license costs shown reflect perpetual (onsite) license purchase by agency to provide “private Cloud” services to clients. Additional agency-provided client services are not considered, but they could shorten time to profitability considerably.