DAM Solution for Corporate Communications

A very simple DAM solution is required by the corporate communications department of a publicly traded company. The department needs to share reports, government filings and promotional materials with known investors, verified media professionals and the public.


The primary digital asset formats that will be used are Microsoft Word, PDF and video, and a few board images and logos.

Only a few users will be able to upload assets into the system and make changes to the metadata therein, but named accounts must be available for an unlimited number of investors and media professionals.

It must be easy for users to determine whether a given asset should be shared with investors only, the press or the public. In addition, because the company is publicly held and the system will be used for the distribution of financial reports and other materials that could affect stock markets, distribution must be controlled by embargos that can be defined to the minute.

All digital assets shared from the system must be presented to recipients on an attractive, branded portal that makes it easy to see metadata and download files without any training. Users must be able to see page-by-age previews of Word and PDF files, and they must be able to preview videos.

A predefined collection of assets will serve as a press kit. The press kit must be accessible from a non-expiring URL that can be easily published. Users must be able to add or remove files from the press kit at any time. In addition, as files are replaced by updated versions, the press kit should always link to current versions.

Statistics accessible to team members must show who downloaded what, and when. It must be easy to export statistics to Excel for inclusion in external reports.

Investors and press professionals must be able to sign up for access accounts from the Web. While signing up for accounts, people must be able to identify themselves as investors or press professionals. All account requests must be verified before they become active. Requesting users must be notified automatically when their accounts have been approved.

A base level of public access should be available. Public users should have view-only access to promotional materials that have not been marked company- or investor-confidential, but they should have no access to financial documents, and they should have no download rights for the assets they can see. Public users should, however, be able to request downloads. Those requests should be sent by the DAM system to the person responsible for the digital asset. Whether the download is approved or denied, the requesting user should be notified.

Future Expansion

The communications team would like to leverage social media for increased distribute of approved promotional materials.