DAM Solution for SMB Manufacturer

A growing manufacturer needs a digital asset management system that will enable its creative and marketing teams to build brochures, user documentation and promotional materials, and its services and engineering teams to archive project and development materials for future reference and audit purposes.


Finished materials should be available to the entire organization and its partners, based on permissions. Assets approved for public use should be available over the Web through download portals that appear throughout the company’s website.

Because the DAM will be used to house materials that are in production, InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator artists must be able to access source material from within those applications. Completed InDesign layouts must be easily uploaded to the DAM.

Separation between the two primary types of materials (marketing and engineering) must be strictly enforced to ensure there is no confusion to users and no sensitive information is leaked. In addition, each division must be able to create and manage its own taxonomy.

It must be easy to add accounts for partners, and each must optionally have its own unique access rights. The manufacturer must be able to see statistics that show each partner’s participation in the system.

Completed and approved marketing materials must be easy to share via email and social networks, but services and engineering materials must be off-limits to sharing. Statistics for downloads must be generated in real time and available to any permitted user.

The company’s partner distribution channel is based on Dropbox, so the DAM software must be able to distribute files via Dropbox. Automation should move files into Dropbox, based on predefined rules.

Future Expansion

As the company’s partner network grows, new partners must be added to the system without downtime or disruption to existing users. As the company acquires additional companies, brands and product lines, it must be possible to integrate that content.