Sitecore Digital Asset Management Connector for Picturepark

Aarau, Switzerland – 03 September 2014 – Sitecore website editors can now use Picturepark® digital asset management (DAM) systems to find and place digital assets onto websites. The Picturepark DAM Connector for Sitecore offers sophisticated functionality, such as on-the-fly image editing, live link updates and Adaptive Metadata management.

“The Picturepark DAM Connector for Sitecore is the most fully-featured CMS connector we’ve ever built,” said Picturepark CEO, Ramon Forster. “Our aim wasn’t to build just another Sitecore DAM connector; we wanted to offer Sitecore users a better digital asset management user experience, and this is what we’ve done.”

Picturepark and Sitecore are both built atop the Microsoft .NET framework. This enabled Picturepark to build an integration that is fast and reliable, and will be easier to maintain as both products are updated.

“Sitecore customers benefit when they can share digital asset collections between Sitecore and other business systems,” said Sitecore Chief Strategy Officer, Darren Guarnaccia. “Picturepark extends our current DAM connectivity options and, with Adaptive Metadata, provides something unique that I think our users will appreciate.”

The Picturepark DAM Connector for Sitecore works exclusively from within Sitecore, enabling website editors to become productive with little or no training. Asset search, browse, preview and selection all occur from a single Sitecore window. Custom digital asset formats can be pre-configured specifically for use in Sitecore, and permitted users can use the Picturepark Image Editor to crop, scale or otherwise modify assets before they’re sent to Sitecore.

Video and audio can be downloaded to Sitecore or streamed directly from Picturepark. Other file types, such as Microsoft Office and PDF can also be placed within Sitecore websites.

The Picturepark DAM Connector for Sitecore tracks which assets it has delivered, so when files and metadata are updated in Picturepark, fresh copies can be pushed to Sitecore, manually or automatically.

“Smart” Picturepark folders can be created within the Sitecore Media Library. When Sitecore users browse these dynamic folders, they see live collections inside Picturepark. Assets are copied from Picturepark only when they’re placed on a website, so browse performance is fast and storage space isn’t wasted. In addition, static Media Library folders can be created to store hand-picked collections.

Picturepark asset metadata is available from within Sitecore. Users can see usage directives, license information and more. A placed image’s ALT tag can be populated automatically by Picturepark, which can help with SEO.

Picturepark permissions determine which assets and metadata fields are available to each Sitecore user, so access to unapproved or higher value assets can be restricted. Picturepark’s unique Adaptive Metadata schemas enable administrators to configure user rights based on asset content rather than just file types or simple metadata values.

The Picturepark DAM Connector for Sitecore respects Picturepark’s language capabilities, so multilingual websites can leverage localized metadata.

Single sign-on (SSO) support means Sitecore user accounts can be mapped to Picturepark user groups for faster, more consistent user rights management, and it saves website editors from having to connect to multiple systems.

Sitecore users can also work within Picturepark outside of Sitecore. Picturepark accounts can also be created for other employees, partners and customers too. This enables an organization to use Picturepark as a companywide repository, in addition to using it as a digital asset resource for Sitecore.

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About Picturepark

Picturepark digital asset management software enables organizations to centrally store, manage and share digital assets on a modern service-oriented architecture (SOA) that is scalable, based on open standards, and available in the Cloud (SaaS), on-premise or in hybrids. Picturepark is suitable for enterprise-wide DAM deployment thanks, in part, to load-balancing, failover, service-based computer clustering, and support for true multi-tenant deployment. Adaptive Metadata technology enables each class of asset to have its own metadata schema that can evolve over time. Support for multiple taxonomies and controlled vocabularies is standard. The Picturepark Web Services API enables developers to integrate Picturepark with other systems. Embedded and branded Web portals based on HTML5/CSS can be built using the graphical Picturepark Ports tool.