Provide users with easy access to approved, placement-ready content with this connector.

Provide Sitecore users with easy access to approved, placement-ready digital assets, while providing digital asset management services to the rest of the organization with our digital asset management DAM connector for Sitecore.

  • “Smart” media library collections that update automatically
  • On-the-fly image conversions based on presets or user interaction
  • Metadata value access, video streaming, usage statistics, multi-language support and more

Sitecore Experience Platform 9 – Picturepark DAM Connector for Sitecore works with Sitecore versions 7.x, 8.x. and 9.x.

DAM for Sitecore that is Affordable and Manageable

When adding Picturepark to your Sitecore system, you’ll gain complete, enterprise-class digital asset management services that are based on the same .NET architecture as Sitecore and built on industry standard technologies that are trusted by IT teams.

Picturepark is the only fully-featured DAM for Sitecore that doesn’t require undo configuration and development services before it becomes usable. You’ll be able to use Picturepark with Sitecore in a fraction of the time required for other systems—at and a fraction of the cost too.

Once deployed, users connect to Sitecore as they do now—no new logins are required. If the connecting user doesn’t have a corresponding Picturepark user account, Picturepark can create one on the fly. Access permissions are controlled from with Picturepark, so you’ll know that the content Sitecore users see is ready for website use.

Access to Website-ready Content

Create folders in the Sitecore Media Library that show live views to Picturepark collections. As Picturepark users update and otherwise modify content on their side, Sitecore editors see the most recent files. These dynamic collections offer fast access to new files, approved files, or any other “smart” collection that’s based on search queries or policy. Dynamic collections can also be updated by Picturepark automated workflows.

The contents of dynamic collections are editable by Picturepark users or automation.

Media Library folders can be static too. This enables Sitecore users to create and manage their own collections by adding, removing or renaming files at any time. It’s a handy way to keep track of the assets you’ve already used, your favorites, a selection of logos, or anything else.

Digital assets can also be pulled from Picturepark as you need them, right from within the Sitecore editor. This enables you to respond to your bursts of inspiration without having to leave the editor to pull files into the Media Library.

Metadata values from Picturepark are copied over to Sitecore, so website editors can see the descriptions, captions, copyright and usage restrictions they need. Picturepark’s Adaptive Metadata enables you to build Sitecore-specific content classes that make it easy for Picturepark users to know what Sitecore editors need.

Adaptive Metadata makes it easy to provide Sitecore editors will all the metadata values and usage directives they need.

You can decide in advance how different file types are handled when linked to from Sitecore. For example, images can be copied to Sitecore, while your PDF downloads are always downloaded directly from Picturepark, which ensures that the latest approved versions are always delivered. This is a great way to publish libraries of PDFs, such as your user guides, contract and forms. When you update those files in Picturepark, there is nothing more to do in Sitecore.

Inline Image Editor for Fast Perfection

When a selected Picturepark image isn’t quite right for the job, Sitecore users can use the Picturepark Image Editor to crop, scale, color-adjust and more. Edited images are sent to Sitecore for placement, while the Picturepark originals remain untouched.

Users can choose from presets that can be pre-configured to fit your headers or sidebar areas, or they can experiment, changing any setting as needed. Access to the Image Editor is controlled by permissions, so you can reserve this option for certain users only.

Quickly edit images to suit website placements, using presets or creative expression.

Enterprise-wide Digital Asset Portal

Your Picturepark DAM can also be used across your entire organization. This means that when content is ready for the website, it’s an easy permission change, not a file copy between systems.

Picturepark can be used by your marketing and sales teams, your legal and accounting departments, and more. You can even use Picturepark Ports to offer clean, simple digital asset management UIs for partners and press portals.

You control which assets are available to Sitecore users, and you can see on a per-asset basis which assets have been used from within Sitecore. If an asset previously approved for website use must be taken offline, changing its permissions removes it from all dynamic collections in Sitecore within minutes. Website editors can even be notified via email when changes have occurred in Picturepark that might affect them.

Sitecore users can also access Picturepark directly, which is handy when they want to browse collections or upload new files when they’re not working in Sitecore.

Picturepark administrators control access for Sitecore editors and all other users too. Single-sign-on (SSO) is supported, and groups-based administration makes it easier to configure and apply permissions. Picturepark permissions are very granular, meaning you can control access to an entire collection, assets within that collection, asset derivative formats, and even specific metadata values within an asset.

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