Picturepark Weisshorn Release Improves Efficiency in Data Management

Buchs AG, Switzerland – 25th October 2021 - Picturepark announced today the general availability of the Picturepark release “Weisshorn,” made available as of 23rd October 2021 to all its customers on the Picturepark Cloud. The new version provides efficiency improvements via a unique user experience (UX) such as, among others: a new search and content navigation experience, a reworked Tag Manager for more efficient metadata and product information management, new content collections, and a side-by-side layout approach for viewing and editing data, and other information.

Over the previous few months, Picturepark had already rolled out new connectors for Shopify, DeepL, and Microsoft Teams.

As one of the many highlights, the new Smart Tag Manager in the latest Weisshorn Release is a three-column-layout power tool for taxonomists, product data, and master data managers alike. Tree-like navigation of complex data model structures on the left, a simple or detailed list of product or taxonomy items in the center, and item editing in the sidebar on the right facilitate the efficient management of large amounts of data.

Users will also benefit from the side-by-side layout introduced for data and metadata editing: The new design previews the content along with all required data in one consolidated view, giving power users the ability to quickly consult referenced data, existing share links, or analyze content statistics. The latest version of Picturepark introduces this new layout approach in several areas across the application.

Another benefit for all users is the reworked content navigation via channels, and the new search experience that simplifies finding the content users had been looking for. Redesigned content overlays help users identify relevant content via prominent icons or text labels which might indicate lifecycle stages, permissions, and more. Additionally, personal content collections are now directly integrated as a sidebar in the main Content Browser.

Speaking on the release, Urs Brogle, Product Owner, said: “Weisshorn marks a major milestone in clearly focussing on the needs of end-users that need to find or manage large amounts of content of all kinds, making their work experience more efficient. Apart from the UX, we also updated the underlying frontend technologies. Both changes contribute to a significantly increased performance for end-users. As a result, we had great acceptance testing feedback during development and are thrilled to see this major version now used by our customers and partners.”

Before the Picturepark Weisshorn Release, Picturepark had released an array of new connectors, too: The “Commerce Connector for Shopify” enables organizations to publish product content including all required product attributes directly to one or multiple Shopify stores. The “DeepL Machine Learning Connector” saves editors time by auto-translating product data and metadata, using the best-in-class neural-translation engine from DeepL. And finally, the “Microsoft Teams Collaboration Connector” provides organizations access to any content in Picturepark for collaboration purposes without leaving their meetings and chats in Teams.

The official Weisshorn release notes have been posted online together with a summary of “11 changes for more efficiency”. For more information about Picturepark, visit: https://picturepark.com or contact marketing@picturepark.com.

About Picturepark

Picturepark is a cloud-based software solution companies use to automate their digital assets' organizing, distributing, and integration. Digital assets include images, videos, documents, product records, taxonomies, metadata, and much more. With subsidiaries in Austria and the United States, the Swiss developer has provided its software internationally since 2000, with implementation carried out directly and via a well-established partner network.