Commerce Connector for Shopify

Publish all and any product information from Picturepark to Shopify seamlessly.

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Publish all and any product information from Picturepark to Shopify seamlessly. Benefit from faster time to market, lower efforts and increased product data quality.

The Picturepark Commerce Connector for Shopify enables you to sell your products online by using most accurate master data managed and stored in Picturepark:

  • Publish your product images, videos and even complete product records from Picturepark directly to your Shopify store and customers.

  • Automatically keep product data in Shopify up-to-date: titles, descriptions, vendors, prices, SKU, barcodes, images, videos, and more.

  • Automate product life cycles e.g. based on product data completeness rules managed in Picturepark.

  • Supply all your product data to multiple stores e.g. when selling via regionally customized Shopify storefronts.

Shopify has been challenging the way commerce is done online: Companies of all sizes can no easily do commerce 24/7 - out-of-the-box or fully customized.

With almost 2 million businesses using their product offering and a gross merchandise of around USD 61 billion in 2017 (Wikipedia), Shopify has not only been highly successful as a company but also challenged how e-commerce is done today.

Part of the Shopify success story is to cater for companies of all sizes that do business online: Whether small businesses with a single out-of-the-box e-shop, medium businesses with an integrated and highly customized online store or the largest multinationals with an array of regionally customized commerce stores.

Thanks to the highly customizable storefronts (basically an API first approach to e-commerce) and a larger marketplace for integrations and implementation partners, no end of the Shopify success story is currently in sight.

Synchronize Product Data to Shopify.

Deliver Relevant Digital Assets.

If product data is mastered in Shopify or a PIM system but all your digital assets in Picturepark then the Picturepark Commerce Connector for Shopify enables you to do just that: automatically attach images and videos to the corresponding Shopify product records. This can be conditioned on lifecycle information and other powerful metadata defined for an image or video in Picturepark.

Extend Shopify by PIM + DAM

Picturepark can manage all your product images, videos, brochures and datasheets but all other product data too: product titles, descriptions, vendors, prices, SKU, barcodes, features and much more. As such a single source of truth for all your product information, Picturepark can directly transfer and keep up-to-date all relevant product information in Shopify.

Route Data to Shopify.

When using a PIM or another dedicated system for managing product records and Picturepark as your DAM then you may consider routing all product data via Picturepark to Shopify, Picturepark acting as an integration hub to product data from your PIM. Product records will still be mastered in the PIM and digital assets in Picturepark with little to no change in the workflow for your stakeholders.

Orchestrate Multiple Online Stores.

Whenever you roll out multiple Shopify stores as part of a larger global commerce initiative then you can use the Picturepark Commerce Connector for Shopify for serving all product information to these stores too. Based on product IDs, product categories, market availabilities or any other information, Picturepark will ensure to always publish market-relevant information only.

Smarter Commerce With Shopify & Picturepark.

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