Collaboration Connector for Microsoft Teams

Collaborate Based on Picturepark Digital Assets without Leaving MS Teams.

Microsoft Teams

Access your content stored in Picturepark directly from within Microsoft Teams and benefit from better integrated content collaboration.

The Picturepark Connector for Teams enables organisations to improve their content collaboration by accessing the content managed and stored in Picturepark:

  • Search digital assets from within Teams and find all matching results in Picturepark.

  • Insert content directly into your message: With previews and descriptions.

  • Share one or many files via chat, downloaded to Teams or linked via Picturepark share.

  • Download files directly into your SharePoint libraries accessible to your coworkers.

Microsoft Teams is not just used for improved collaboration via online chats and meetings but increasingly also for direct access to scontent such as digital assets from a DAM System.

With roughly 150 million daily users in 2021 (source), Teams has become the new hub for collaboration and communication within organisations, and across.

According to AIIM research, 40% use Teams for collaboratively creating finalized content or meeting with colleagues and partners with an ever higher proportion of 54% of organisations using Teams to store, access, and share files. This content is sourced from SharePoint, Exchange email, OneDrive, or Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems.

The Picturepark Connector for Microsoft Teams enables such integrated access to all the content stored in Picturepark. Based on Picturepark Adaptive Metadata, semantic relationships and business rule automation, users in Teams are able to find the right content with all relevant context. This content can then be used for collaborative review and approval processes or be shared as final content to those teams and coworkers concerned.

Better Collaboration With Picturepark and Microsoft Teams.

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