Picturepark Weisshorn Release.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Be More Efficient At Work.

Efficiency. Anytime. Anywhere.


Coming this 23 October 2021: Do more in less time with the latest Picturepark Weisshorn release. Explore complex data models more easily, grasp important information via improved content overlays and edit all data using our new side-by-side views, enjoying keyboard shortcuts for even greater time savings. Enjoy a smarter and omniscient work experience for data management.

11 Changes for More Efficiency.

Breakthrough Performance.

The user interface is made for regular users, editors and data analysts alike, redesigned for efficiency and time savings so that you can devote your attention to getting your work done.

Collections at Your Fingertips.

Organize your content using personal collections: for your campaigns, projects, or daily work. Review, refine and share your collections at any time and anywhere you are - now right from the main content browser.

Better UX Starts With Finding.

The modernized search interface always shows you where you are and what options are available. Don’t search: find with the right content out of many with the first few clicks of your mouse.

Boost your Search Experience.

Improve your users' search experience by fine-tuning your metadata search parameters. Boost your business’ key information, enable meaningful search suggestions, and the filters needed for each of your different stakeholders.

Own Your Content Search Experience!

A better content experience starts with finding what you are looking for - now better than ever with the Picturepark Weisshorn release.

On Point Information.

Get all relevant information through thumbnail overlays: Understand usage rights, lifecycle status, and other information before you click - and turn it off for even better content focus.

Illuminating at First Sight.

See all the data that matters side-by-side: content, metadata, permissions, statistics, and more. Trigger automation straight from your metadata and update it all in one go.

Data Models Demystified.

Your Picturepark lists reflect your data model, covering taxonomies, product information, attributes - you name it. Using the tag manager, you can better oversee, inspect, maintain and optimize your metadata and other information.

Outstanding Data Editing.

Find, update, or create new data while having full insight into referenced content and linked list items. Organize and structure your content magnificently based on our Adaptive Metadata technology.

Meet the Power of Lists.






Provide multi-level taxonomies with synonyms, broader definitions, nested relationships, and any other data you deem important to keep with a “tag”. All are easily curated and approved by taxonomists and data librarians.

Manage your products, product families, and attribute lists in a highly structured and controlled way, and publish searchable product lists—current, accountable, and accessible master data from your product and category managers.

Store event information with all the required details. Simplify your life and apply Smart Tags to all content produced for and during your events, with the flexibility to change when you meet the unforeseen - appreciated by your event specialists.

Register projects and programs once and use them as Smart Tags everywhere, providing all the required metadata for topics, locations, keywords, partner organizations, and more related to the project or program. Surprise your project or program leader.

There are countless ways to model your data using Picturepark capabilities. We can support you in choosing the right best practice setup which then can be customized to match your unique business cases.

Insights That Matter.

Find insights by joining usage statistics and content metadata. Explore relationships with other content and see where content is shared to. Know your users. Stay on the ball.

Take a Shortcut.

Ever wondered why your arm is hurting after a while when working? Now you can limit your mouse mileage and hit the keys for editing, saving and navigating data while working in select areas of the Picturepark Content Platform.

Simplified Sharing.

Share your content more easily with only the information that is needed: skip options and go with the defaults, however you like. Focus on sharing the right content, not on finding out how sharing works.

Much More to Come.

Get updates and insights on the latest product updates that will further innovate the way you manage and deliver your content for engaging your audience.

One Last Snack.

#12 🤫

Benefit from useful notifications with quick actions that inform you right where you are about processes running in the background, or tasks that require your attention. Find all notifications as a filterable list in the new notification center.