Why Picturepark?

When you invest in digital asset management software, you also invest in the company behind that software. This page includes some of the reasons we, the people at Picturepark, think you can trust us (and our software) to provide you with the digital asset management solution you expect.

Customer satisfaction

There’s no better source for the truth about software than to ask users. Our high annual renewal rate should help you feel safe about entrusting your DAM initiative to our products and services.


The clean Picturepark user interface was inspired by traditional Swiss design principles, so it avoids elements and themes that could distract you. The Picturepark UI puts your digital assets front and center, right where they belong, without visual competition from the product itself.

Feature richness

People who compare DAM software solutions realize that Picturepark offers many more built-in features than most DAMs. Features like easy asset sharing, links to live (editable) collections, asset ordering, unlimited Web access, multi-tenancy and granular permissions can double or triple the cost of other DAMs—if the features available at all. Even more important, because these features are standard features in Picturepark, you can be sure they will be updated as the product evolves. DAMs that offer these (and other important) features as add-ons can’t make that assurance.

Legacy of innovation

Picturepark DAM was first released as a Cloud-based digital asset management system in the 1998, long before “Cloud” had become the common term it is now, and long before any other Cloud DAM was available.

Picturepark was also early to recognize that granular permissions and rights management should be available in every system sold because they would become increasingly important over time. Today, few DAM-related topics are discussed more than rights management and control.

Some Picturepark innovations that are invisible to users surprise industry analysts and concern competitors. Among them is how Picturepark was able to build an enterprise-class DAM system that offers full support for clustering (failover, load-balancing and service-based computer clusters), and costs less than real estate. The fact is, the purchase price of Picturepark is typically less than the annual software maintenance of other DAMs that offer this level of scalability.

Engineered for sustainability

Beneath the attractive and clean Picturepark user interface is a software architecture that makes IT teams smile and inspires software developers. In addition to the use of standards-based system components, Picturepark was designed with expansion in mind. The entire system is service-oriented architecture (SOA) compliant, which means it will be a very long time before Picturepark can be considered “dinosaur” technology. In fact, because of the ease with which Picturepark software components can be swapped out, no DAM is better poised to evolve over time.

Stable, forward momentum

Picturepark updates arrive several times per year. And while we always think ahead in terms of where the product needs to go, we pace updates so that users don’t get confused by changes, and so that we can test changes thoroughly. This business practice ensures that the product can grow without disruption to customer workflows or production schedules, and it gives us time to really think our ideas and plans through carefully before we introduce them to our customers.

Picturepark, the company, grows with a similar nod to caution. We don’t finance growth through borrowed money or venture capital funding, and we don’t finance operations on credit. We spend only what we have, and most of what we have is put back into the product.

Management experience and institutional know how

The senior management team at Picturepark has a combined DAM-related tenure of nearly 100 years. What this means for you is that Picturepark is in experienced hands. We’ve seen many ebbs and flows in Digital Asset Management industry, so we can better recognize the difference between a passing fad and the evolution of our science.

In addition, Picturepark employees offer digital asset management expertise that enables them to effectively assess situations, offer DAM solutions that yield tangible benefits, and educate customers. More than one Picturepark customer was initially attracted to the company because of our educational materials and best-practice DAM webinars, which are always about Digital Asset Management and never about selling Picturepark DAM software.

Financial health

Picturepark’s parent company, Vision Information Transaction AG, has no long-term debt, is profitable, and reinvests most profits into research and development and community projects.

Community development

In addition to proactive participation in DAM-related community forums, Picturepark created and funds DAM Guru Program, the Digital Asset Management industry’s only recognized source for DAM expertise. DAM Guru Program connects people how have DAM experience with people who need DAM experience, free of charge.

Learn more about the history of Picturepark or learn more about Picturepark business policies and principles.