DAM Guru Program

DAM Guru Program is a free service that connects digital asset management professionals with DAM “newbies” and DAM employers who need their help.

DAM Guru Program History

As more people explore Digital Asset Management as a profession, more resources are needed to connect those with knowledge to those still learning. Because DAM isn’t yet as popular as Marketing or Sailing, it can be difficult for people to find reliable educational resources that are not rooted in the promotion of a product or service.

LinkedIn discussion boards provide the potential for great DAM-related discussions, but DAM vendor employees often hijack threads only to promote their own interests. The result is that there is no safe place for a DAM “newbie” to go and be able to ask a simple question like, “I know nothing about DAM, but I need to find out.”

DAM Guru Program was designed so that DAM gurus and newbies could have private discussions, without the interference or influence of others. Newbies can ask anything they like, and gurus can make new relationships with those just getting into the field.

Though created and sponsored by Picturepark, DAM Guru Program is not specific to any DAM software. Picturepark’s involvement is limited to managing signups, making connections, and managing the ongoing logistics of operation. DAM Guru Program signups are not shared with Picturepark Sales personnel. Read more about Picturepark’s policy with regard to managing DAM Guru Program. »

For more information about the background of DAM Guru Program, please read the Digital Asset Management News organization’s interview with Picturepark marketing director, David Diamond. »

For an in-depth review of program operations, please read DAM Guru Program In-Depth on the DAM Coalition website.

Who can Benefit from DAM Guru Program

DAM Guru Program is the perfect first-step for anyone getting started with Digital Asset Management. There’s nothing like the guidance of a trusted adviser when you don’t know what you don’t know.

The program can also be helpful to existing DAM users who are looking to do more with their systems, or perhaps switch from one DAM to another. For example, maybe you’re looking to integrate your DAM with your CMS and you’d like some pointers. Or, maybe you’ve outgrown an older DAM and you’re looking for advice from others who have switched.

DAM Gurus are defined simply as people who have some specific knowledge to share. Gurus don’t need to be experts in everything—no one is. The primary advantage DAM Guru Program offers DAM experts is that they can help others while building their networks. Freelance work, job offers and other opportunities could result for those who demonstrate their knowledge.

DAM Guru Program benefits Picturepark too. It shows that we care about the DAM community and that we want to make sure people get the help they need, whether or those people are customers of ours now or ever. If a DAM Guru Program member decides she likes Picturepark and would like to become a customer, that’s wonderful. But the majority of DAM Guru Program members are not Picturepark customers or prospects and that’s fine by us.