Picturepark Management Team

Picturepark is managed by a team of experienced and responsible individuals committed to your success.

Picturepark Chairman / Founder

Bruno Jehle – After an apprenticeship as a lithographer, Bruno Jehle started a printing company with the aim of offering affordable but high-quality printing. He then started a pre-press company and one of the first Internet service providers in Switzerland.

Additional innovations included a precursor to today’s content management systems, and a tool that made high-volume data transfers feasible over slower, phone-based Internet connections. After completing his PG as an Information Specialist, Jehle also invented a reprostation for GLAM institutions. His goal for the station was that it require virtually no training to operate so that institutions could more easily digitize and archive their printed and physical works.

As the Chairman, Jehle offers the Board strategic advice and innovative ideas. Connect with Bruno Jehle on LinkedIn.

Picturepark CEO / Partner

Ramon Forster – Ramon Forster’s career began as a freelance journalist for the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation and other newspapers and magazines. During this time, he co-founded and directed programming for Swiss regional radio broadcaster “Kanal K”, as well as founding other organizations and ventures. He later moved into the field of Information Technology where he has remained since.

Forster joined Picturepark in 2005 as the company’s head of marketing and sales. He was appointed CEO in early 2011, is a member of the supervisory board and shareholder. He lives with his wife and six kids in the Swiss countryside, where he enjoys running, swimming and the surrounding nature.

Forster holds a BSc in Economics from University of Berne, Switzerland. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Xing.

Picturepark Directors

Philip Axmann (Director of Global Business Development) – Philip Axmann’s interest in technology started as a the son of director in the Ministry of Science, and it was through home Internet access that Axmann developed a fascination with the rest of the world. While attending Austria’s University of Applied Management Sciences, he was accepted to international study programs twice—once in New York City and the other in Auckland, New Zealand.

After graduating with a Master’s Degree in Corporate Governance and e-Business Management, Axmann took a job with Bank Austria from where he then changed to Celum, heading the company’s international sales efforts.

Axmann joined Picturepark in 2011. Connect with him on LinkedIn and Xing.

Urs Brogle (Director of Engineering) – Urs Brogle started programming computers at age 12. After his family’s first Internet connection was installed a few years later, he took note of what made websites work, and he’s been improving those technologies ever since. In school, he studied to become a polygrapher, which is a hybrid of lithographer and typographer. Brogle first came to Picturepark via the company’s apprentice program.

In his free time, Brogle researches new technologies, takes photographs of his beautiful homeland, Switzerland, and enjoys family life together with his wife and daughter.

Urs joined Picturepark in 2000. In early 2016, Urs was appointed Director of Engineering. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

Nick Berthet (Director of IT Operations) – Nick Berthet has worked in the field of IT since 2003. Computer science became his focus when he first discovered as a teenager the potential of getting machines to “talk” to one another. He has since served in several IT capacities, including volunteering in his free time to provide IT services for a youth organization in Switzerland.

Berthet joined Picturepark in 2012 and took the reigns of the company’s IT operations shortly thereafter. His team manages the company’s internal computing services, labs and testing structure, in addition to its global Picturepark Cloud operations.

Berthet holds a Masters in Business Information Systems from the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Northwestern Switzerland. Connect with him on LinkedIn.