Digital Asset Management Features

All the functionality you need in an enterprise-class digital asset management system is available in Picturepark DAM. Manage files from a central location that you make accessible to employees, partners, customers or anyone else.

User-friendly, Mobile-friendly Interface

User Interface

Picturepark DAM offers a lightweight, simple front end for users. Finding, sharing, downloading and more are all available on desktop and mobile devices.

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Manage and Deliver

Adaptive Metadata™

Picturepark invented Adaptive Metadata so that customers could better classify, describe and control their digital assets. Add and remove metadata fields in layers at any time. Each digital asset has exactly the metadata fields it needs and no more. This helps keep the system streamlined and easy for users to understand.

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Individual assets or complete collections can be shared with anyone. Optionally require passwords or choose expiry dates. Files can be access directly or from landing pages that can be customized to suit your branding.

Core Capabilities

Metadata Integrity

Guide user input using controlled vocabularies and synonyms, so that metadata values remain accurate, and editing is fast and easy.

Batch Editor

Make minor or major metadata changes to any number of digital assets at once. See existing values so you know what you’re working with, and change only what you need.

Live previews

Users can see previews of the most common file formats, such as images, Word documents, PowerPoints, PDFs and more. If the content changes, the previews change.


Picturepark DAM supports historical versions (content updates), language versions and associated versions, such as connecting a PDF to the InDesign document that created it. When downloading content, users can choose only the versions they are permitted to access.


Permitted users can crop, scale or otherwise modify a digital asset before it is downloaded. Downloads can be format-converted on demand, so you don’t need to store multiple versions of the same file. Originals always remain safe.


Users can subscribe to digital assets and receive email notifications when the asset has been changed, when special versions are requested and more.


Multi-step workflows can be scripted to perform advanced processes that are based on user actions, timed events or events that occur in a connected business system.


Users are organized into groups. You apply permissions to groups, so it is easy to manage thousands of users. Control access to individual digital assets and system functions, such as who can upload or edit metadata.


See which users are connecting, which assets are most popular, how much storage space is being used by each user group, and more. Detailed statistics include full-color charts that can be exported for use in presentations.

Enterprise Readiness

Picturepark DAM was built using a standards-based technical infrastructure that supports clustering for load balancing and fail-over, SSO and more. This helps ensure the system runs with high availability, peak performance and minimal disruption to users.

Connect & Expand

DAM Connectors

Connect Picturepark DAM to Sitecore, SharePoint, WordPress and scores of other business systems. Access Picturepark content directly from those systems.

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