VIT CEO-Change

Aarau, Switzerland – 31 March 2011 – After over 3 years Matina Hämmerli will be passing on her role as CEO to Ramon Forster as of the 1. April 2011. Mrs. Hämmerli founded the Vision Information Transaction AG in the year 2000 with the current chairman of the board Bruno Jehle. In future she would like to dedicate herself within the scope of her position to the “HR & Finance” area.

“I would like to sincerely thank Matina Hämmerli for her prudent management. Matina Hämmerli has led our company to success in a difficult economic environment. She would now like to scale back her work time and I am glad that she will continue to be involved in management”, says Bruno Jehle, Chairman of the Board of Vision Information Transaction AG.

Ramon Forster, previously Head of Marketing & Sales, has been working for the company freelance at first from 2002 and then in a permanent position since 2005. In recent years he has built up international sales and has also been responsible for strategic product development. In recent years he has built up international sales and has also been responsible for strategic product development. “ With the transfer of management to Ramon Forster we are expressing our full confidence in a proven and long-standing employee and partner. Ramon Forster has contributed significantly to the development of the company and will continue on the path currently being taken”, explains Bruno Jehle. Ramon Forster is a partner in the company and as the new CEO will also continue to carry out his function as Head of Marketing and Sales.

The VIT Management, from the 1st of April, is made up of Ramon Forster CEO, (Head of Marketing & Sales) and unchanged, the three members Matina Hämmerli (Head of HR & Finance), Thomas Wackersreuther (Head of IT & Development) as well as Jacques Isler (Head of Services). Bruno Jehle, who was CEO until 2007, remains Chairman of the Board.

About Picturepark

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