SharePoint Digital Asset Management Connector Update

Aarau, Switzerland – 08 August 2015 – Digital asset management software maker Picturepark® announced today a significant update to Picturepark DAM Connector for SharePoint, first released in 2012. Among the new features is a federated search experience, support for Picturepark Adaptive Metadata technology, and support for the latest versions of SharePoint.

“SharePoint continues to be the most requested integration for Picturepark,” said Picturepark technology program manager, Stefan Seidl. “Our initial goal for this update was to bring SharePoint Connector in line with what we offer in Sitecore Connector, but we took the time to also address some longstanding requests.”

The new federated search experience enables SharePoint users to use a single search operation to find digital assets in either Picturepark or SharePoint. Search results from both systems are compiled and presented to users as if they came from the same system.

Adaptive Metadata support means that Picturepark managers can earmark specific metadata fields for use within SharePoint. This makes it possible to provide SharePoint users with usage restrictions, directives and other information that’s relevant only when accessing content from within SharePoint.

“Adaptive Metadata makes it possible to show some metadata values to users within Picturepark, while other values are seen only by Sitecore Connector or SharePoint Connector users,” explains Picturepark marketing director, David Diamond. “License restrictions aren’t always the same across systems, so it’s important to be able to provide channel-specific metadata where it’s needed.”

SharePoint users can create Picturepark collections from within SharePoint without the need for administrator assistance. Collections can be static (copied to SharePoint) or dynamic (referenced from SharePoint but stored in Picturepark). The contents of each collection can be filtered by any Picturepark derivative type or by Picturepark rights management (permissions). These capabilities help ensure that assets not intended for use from within SharePoint—or not yet ready for use—aren’t available to SharePoint users.

Picturepark assets can also be added to existing SharePoint folders, and users can place or link to Picturepark assets from within SharePoint team site pages.

Picturepark DAM Connector for SharePoint is available now and works with all Picturepark Cloud, Onsite and hybrid systems, and supports SharePoint online and on-premise installations.

About Picturepark

Picturepark digital asset management software enables organizations to centrally store, manage and share digital assets on a modern service-oriented architecture (SOA) that is scalable, based on open standards, and available in the Cloud (SaaS), on-premise or in hybrids. Picturepark is suitable for enterprise-wide DAM deployment thanks, in part, to load-balancing, failover, service-based computer clustering, and support for true multi-tenant deployment. Adaptive Metadata technology enables each class of asset to have its own metadata schema that can evolve over time. Support for multiple taxonomies and controlled vocabularies is standard. The Picturepark Web Services API enables developers to integrate Picturepark with other systems. Embedded and branded Web portals based on HTML5/CSS can be built using the graphical Picturepark Ports tool.