Digital Asset Management Connector for Kaltura Video Platform

Aarau, Switzerland – 01 December 2015 – Digital asset management software maker Picturepark® announced today DAM Connector for Kaltura, a new product that enables Picturepark customers to manage videos that are published, distributed and tracked via the Kaltura online video platform.

“By connecting Picturepark to Kaltura, we have been able to take advantage of Picturepark’s digital asset management capabilities while benefitting from Kaltura’s global video distribution,” explained Mr. Karen Atabekjan, who works as IT Infrastructure Project Manager, Global IT Voice & Video Services for Hilti. “Thanks to the automated upload process, we can deliver video content to our customers and employees around the globe in a much more efficient and reliable way.”

The addition of a single tag in Picturepark transfers a master video to Kaltura in the background. Access to the tag is governed by permissions, so organizations can control which videos get published. Email addresses can be added so that individuals or groups can be notified when Kaltura processing is complete.

Kaltura sends streaming links back to Picturepark that can be placed directly into Web CMS and other systems for which Picturepark offers DAM Connectors, such as Sitecore, Kentico and SharePoint.

Picturepark’s Adaptive Metadata schemas enable users to manage any metadata values they need for internal management and tracking, while they have direct access to the metadata values Kaltura uses for IDs, links, embed codes and other metadata values related to the distribution and tracking of video assets. Picturepark digital assets that are not used by Kaltura, such as images, PDFs or office documents, won’t include the Kaltura-required metadata fields, so metadata schemas aren’t complicated by unnecessary fields.

“Once you have a few systems connected to Picturepark, you really see the value of Adaptive Metadata,” explained Picturepark Global Marketing Director, David Diamond. “SharePoint requires some fields, Kentico requires others, and Kaltura needs its own too. Adaptive Metadata makes it possible to provide these systems with the values they need, while users see only those values that are relevant for each asset.”

DAM Connector for Kaltura joins a suite of DAM connectors for Picturepark that include, Sitecore, Kentico, SharePoint, Dropbox, YouTube, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office and others.

About Picturepark

Picturepark digital asset management software enables organizations to centrally store, manage and share digital assets on a modern service-oriented architecture (SOA) that is scalable, based on open standards, and available in the Cloud (SaaS), on-premise or in hybrids. Picturepark is suitable for enterprise-wide DAM deployment thanks, in part, to load-balancing, failover, service-based computer clustering, and support for true multi-tenant deployment. Adaptive Metadata technology enables each class of asset to have its own metadata schema that can evolve over time. Support for multiple taxonomies and controlled vocabularies is standard. The Picturepark Web Services API enables developers to integrate Picturepark with other systems. Embedded and branded Web portals based on HTML5/CSS can be built using the graphical Picturepark Ports tool.