DAM Guru Program’s 650 Members Now Available for Rent

Aarau, Switzerland – 24 February 2015 – As DAM Guru Program celebrates its second anniversary, program founder, Picturepark, has announced a new service aimed to make the program’s 650 members an accessible resource for all organizations.

“DAM Guru Program is without question the world’s largest community of DAM-related expertise,” said program creator, David Diamond. “Digital asset management systems can be made better through the advice and skills of our members, so we figured it was a good idea to make that expertise easily accessible to organizations who need it. It’s good for them and it’s good for our members.”

Members interested in making themselves available for hire can fill out expertise profiles that will help program managers match them to the requests of hiring organizations. As with all member-match services offered by the program, the identity of members is not disclosed without the member’s consent. DAM Guru Program managers provide work details and contact information to suitable members. Members then decide whether to make contact.

“When Picturepark customers ask us to connect them with industry experts in areas like taxonomy or business process development, DAM Guru Program is a natural resource to tap,” explained Picturepark CEO, Ramon Forster. “But if we didn’t open this up to all companies, including other sellers of DAM software, this would put Picturepark at an unfair advantage. So now this same expertise is available to all companies.”

There is no charge for the match service. Requesting organizations must have direct employment to offer; requests from job agencies will not be accepted. Members must negotiate their payment with the organizations they contact; DAM Guru Program will have no involvement with contracting.

DAM Guru Program was conceived and launched by Picturepark in February, 2013. The program’s initial charter was to connect DAM “gurus” with “newbies” who needed their help. Since then, the program has evolved into a community service that finds answers to DAM-related questions submitted by anyone, provides member-hosted webinars, features members in weekly profiles, manages a members-only LinkedIn discussion board, and helps to connect members with employment. The program’s membership includes professionals in the fields of digital asset management, library science and information technology. All services are sponsored by Picturepark and made available to members and hiring organizations free of charge.

Hiring organizations can make requests for help at: http://DAMGuru.com/hire

Learn more about DAM Guru Program: http://DAMGuru.com

Learn more about Picturepark: https://picturepark.com

About Picturepark

Picturepark digital asset management software enables organizations to centrally store, manage and share digital assets on a modern service-oriented architecture (SOA) that is scalable, based on open standards, and available in the Cloud (SaaS), on-premise or in hybrids. Picturepark is suitable for enterprise-wide DAM deployment thanks, in part, to load-balancing, failover, service-based computer clustering, and support for true multi-tenant deployment. Adaptive Metadata technology enables each class of asset to have its own metadata schema that can evolve over time. Support for multiple taxonomies and controlled vocabularies is standard. The Picturepark Web Services API enables developers to integrate Picturepark with other systems. Embedded and branded Web portals based on HTML5/CSS can be built using the graphical Picturepark Ports tool.