Picturepark Announces Reworked Connector for SharePoint

Aarau, Switzerland – 26th June 2020 – Swiss content system provider Picturepark® have announced the release of an updated version of their Picturepark Connector for SharePoint. The release of the new version of the collaborative tool features automatic content synchronization and the ability to federate searches directly from within the SharePoint environment onto Picturepark.

Users of Picturepark frequently upload new content that needs to be available for collaboration or publishing purposes in Microsoft Sharepoint. As a result, the Picturepark Connector for Sharepoint features automatic content synchronization; ensuring that users are always supplied with the most up-to-date results across their many Sharepoint workspaces.

Picturepark Announces Reworked Connector for SharePoint

Picturepark customers using Sharepoint as a portal, will appreciate the ability to federate live searches from within SharePoint onto Picturepark, and benefit from the intelligent data connectivity features Picturepark is known for, such as Adaptive Metadata or Semantic Relationships. The connector allows for a more streamlined workflow, users will longer be required to switch between Picturepark and SharePoint.

Speaking regarding the launch of re-worked connector, Stefan Seidl, Picturepark Technology Consultant said the following: “This re-work of the already popular SharePoint connector delivers key Picturepark functionality within a very widely used environment: Microsoft have stated that SharePoint is used at over 200,000 organisations and by over 190 million people. What’s really impressive about the high level of integration in this connector is that it requires zero knowledge of Picturepark and users do not even need to be aware that Picturepark is managing their content.”

A more detailed look at the functionality of the connector, along with an informative video can be found on the dedicated Picturepark Connector for SharePoint page; the connector also has its own Microsoft Marketplace profile. The Picturepark Connector for SharePoint is supplied by enterprise integration specialists Brimit and its release coincides with the launch month of the new Picturepark Breithorn Release.

About Brimit

Brimit is a provider of enterprise platform engineering. They help organizations enhance customer engagement and employee collaboration, and equip sales and marketing teams with the tools they need to collaborate with customers and partners efficiently. Brimit specializes in implementing sophisticated Sitecore, Office 365, Salesforce solutions across multiple layers of technology, integrated with complex corporate systems.

About Picturepark

Picturepark enables organizations to build purpose-specific solutions that help them to better manage and route any type of content, at any scale.

Picturepark manages file-based and fileless content in a strictly-structured way: featuring content management innovations such as Adaptive Metadata™, semantic relationships and microsites.

Designed API-first and based on a modern technology stack, Picturepark combines the primary benefits of multiple content management disciplines: master data (MDM), product information (PIM), digital asset (DAM) and headless content management.

Picturepark can be used as a standalone content system, as a content integration bus which routes content to other systems and as a platform technology which provides the base for customers or partners to build their own purpose-specific content solutions.