Search and synchronize content in Picturepark, all from within SharePoint.

Search and synchronize content in Picturepark, all from within SharePoint.

The SharePoint Connector integrates seamlessly, allowing you to benefit from Picturepark’s search without switching between windows and to better distribute up-to-date content using folders tied to synchronized search results.

  • Bring over to Sharepoint, the precise content which your users need: all of which is automatically kept up-to-date.
  • SharePoint users can comfortably work in an environment that is familiar to them, with zero knowledge or experience of using Picturepark required.
  • Take advantage of the strength of Picturepark search, from within SharePoint: no Picturepark account required to do so.
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Demonstrating the time-saving and workflow friendly features of the Sharepoint connector.

Simple Syncing: Up-to-Date Picturepark Content in SharePoint

Content libraries are not static: users are often uploading new content to Picturepark and as a result, content libraries are often in a state of flux. The SharePoint connector recognises this reality and automatically updates on a regular basis. This means that as long as you have the correct permissions to access the synchronized folder, then you will also always have access to up-to-date results.

The way in which the SharePoint Connector functions, is that it allows for the results from a specific search query from Picturepark to be placed in a folder within SharePoint. As long as you are marked as an admin on SharePoint, then this functionality is available to you. It allows admins to maintain control over which exact search queries are displayed. Additionally, as the content contained in the search results is displayed within SharePoint itself; this makes it easy-to-use and highly-accessible to those already familiar with the environment.

Setting up a new folder on SharePoint that is tied to a specific search query.

Powerful Picturepark Searching, From Within SharePoint

Picturepark has a strong search ability, with its foundation of Semantic Relationships at its core. With the SharePoint Connector, you can access the same Picturepark search directly from within the SharePoint environment.

To use this connector: there’s no requirement to have any knowledge about using Picturepark, no need to have a Picturpark account or even be aware that Picturepark is managing the content.

Additionally, it also means that you will no longer have to switch between Picturepark and SharePoint in different windows. Instead, it allows for a cleaner and quicker workflow that lets you combine both into one browser tab.

Skip switching between windows when searching for content.

After searching for content, you can then download content from within the search results page to a SharePoint folder of your choice or download it locally onto your own device: all within only a few clicks. Additionally, from the same window you can also easily choose to send the search results page instantly via email or use the ‘Promote’ button to copy the page address; ideal for sharing on communication platforms.

Downloading content directly into a Sharepoint folder.
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