Picturepark Releases New Content Platform

Aarau, Switzerland – 20th February 2019 – Swiss content system provider Picturepark® today announced the general availability of their Picturepark Content Platform. The new product was built with an overarching API-first design approach, enabling the creation of tailored solutions to help customers better manage and route any type of content – at any scale.

The Content Platform allows organisations to effectively manage both file-based and file-less content within a single environment. This means that pieces of content can easily be connected and managed in a strictly structured way – enabling a high degree of automation, in terms of distribution and reuse. Using Picturepark’s Adaptive Metadata™ and semantic relationships, customers can provide context that makes content more meaningful and easier to access.

Picturepark Releases New Content Platform

“It’s the unique blend of versatile capabilities that cross common industry categories such as DAM, PIM, MDM and Headless Content Management which makes the Picturepark Content Platform stand out”, says Ramon Forster, CEO of Picturepark. “Instead of bells and whistles, we focus on being the foundational platform for modelling content and metadata. One so versatile that it can rapidly go from simple to highly complex, whatever best fits the customer’s goals – for both today and tomorrow.”

Customers and partners can harness the capabilities of the new product for integrating their existing distributed content systems via connectors: providing unified access via the Picturepark Content Platform. By building microsites and other applications on top of Picturepark, using it as an underlying technology foundation, customers and partners can build their own completely tailored solutions or products.

“Using our state-of-the-art API and SDK, developers can build powerful white-label solutions on top without having to start from scratch”, states Urs Brogle, Product Owner and Director of Engineering. “This is key, as it enables faster time-to-market and means lower costs for partners and customers – all while retaining their freedom to build exactly what’s needed.”

The Picturepark Content Platform was made generally available to both customers and partners on February 15, 2019. For more information, visit: https://picturepark.com or contact info@picturepark.com.

About Picturepark

Picturepark enables organizations to build purpose-specific solutions that help them to better manage and route any type of content, at any scale.

Picturepark manages file-based and fileless content in a strictly-structured way: featuring content management innovations such as Adaptive Metadata™, semantic relationships and microsites.

Designed API-first and based on a modern technology stack, Picturepark combines the primary benefits of multiple content management disciplines: master data (MDM), product information (PIM), digital asset (DAM) and headless content management.

Picturepark can be used as a standalone content system, as a content integration bus which routes content to other systems and as a platform technology which provides the base for customers or partners to build their own purpose-specific content solutions.