Download a Free Sample Taxonomy

Plus, learn about the many uses of AI: creating your own taxonomy and more.

Learn About: How a Taxonomy Functions

Our completely free downloadable taxonomy is useful for a wide variety of different applications and educational purposes:

  • Familiarise: Become acquainted with how a taxonomy looks and functions.
  • Inspire: Gather ideas of how to update and modify an existing taxonomy.
  • Real & Functioning: Taken from a genuine live instance of Picturepark.
  • Build Around: Use it as a foundation to adapt and grow.


Gain Real Taxonomy Building Experience

Sometimes you need to experience something first-hand to really understand how it works. Our taxonomy creation guide is

  • Straightforward: Made for ease-of-use, all the steps are clearly explained.
  • Free: Using only free versions of AI platforms, zero investment is necessary.
  • Swift: With only a few steps, creating a basic taxonomy needn’t take long.
  • AI Powered: Save time, let algorithms do all the heavy-lifting.

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Discover More about Auto-Tagging

Auto-tagging can be a great way to add to or even create a new taxonomy. However, it isn’t always the solution – read our blog to find out more about:

  • Implementation: Why a strong information infrastructure is paramount.
  • Intelligence: Why even deep learning algorithms still have a lot to learn.
  • Labelling: Auto-tagged content always needs to be properly tagged.
  • Future-Proofing: How to plan ahead for the long-term.

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