Digital Asset Management White Papers and Books

Digital asset management white papers authored by Picturepark, and a selection of DAM books Picturepark recommends are listed below. Whether you’re just learning about DAM or trying to hone your skills, these are all great resources.

Digital Asset Management White Papers and Books

Picturepark Digital Asset Management White Papers & eBooks

Picturepark digital asset management white papers and eBooks are available for direct download, without any registration or forms of any kind.

DAM Prep in 7 Steps (35 pages) – Organizing your digital asset management planning into these 7 stages can save you time, money and frustration. Even better, this road map helps you to more easily identify the right DAM software so you can build the best DAM initiative for your organization. Available in PDF, Kindle and ePUB/iPad formats. (Cost: Free) Download DAM Prep in 7 Steps »

The Enterprise DAM Checklist (45 pages) – Enterprise-wide digital asset management deployment poses different challenges than departmental DAM. To meet those challenges, DAM software must include certain technologies and meet certain standards requirements. Find out what’s required so that you can come up with a better shortlist of DAM solutions much faster. (Cost: Free)
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Digital Asset Management Books

Creative applications of metadata specifically intended for digital content management, by David Diamond.

Metadata for Content Management (183 pages) – Metadata for Content Management helps digital content managers design better content organization strategies, and envision and deploy creative ways in which metadata, taxonomy, policy and workflow can be used to make digital content systems more usable, functional and valuable to users. Written by DAM Survival Guide author, David Diamond, Metadata for Content Management can be thought of a deeper dive into the metadata aspect of digital asset management and content management. (Cost: $24.97 print)
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DAM Survival Guide (183 pages) – Available from in print and Kindle editions, DAM Survival Guide (the full version) offers a complete overview of digital asset management initiative planning. Included are things you can be doing right now (before you buy DAM software), and a glimpse of what to expect as your DAM initiative evolves through planning, deployment, promotion and maintenance. Unlike The DAM Book (see below), DAM Survival Guide is not targeted at Photographers, which makes it an ideal for readers from all backgrounds. (Cost: $22.99 print; $8.99 Kindle.)
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Digital Asset Management: Content Architectures, Project Management, and Creating Order out of Media Chaos by Elizabeth Keathley

Content Architectures, Project Management, and Creating Order out of Media Chaos (350 pages) – This book explains both the purpose of digital asset management systems and why an organization might need one. The text then walks readers step-by-step through the concerns involved in selecting, staffing, and maintaining a DAM. This book is dedicated to providing you with a solid base in the common concerns, both legal and technical, in launching a complex DAM capable of providing visual search results and workflow options.
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The Librarian’s Skillbook, by Deb Hunt and David Grossman

The Librarian’s Skillbook (202 pages) – Don’t by dissuaded by the title of this gem just because you’re not an information professional. If you’re managing a digital asset management system, you need to think like a trained librarian. Unique to this work is a focus on developing and honing the skills you need to find work in any of Information Professional field, including Digital Asset Management. You’ll be impressed by how much useful information authors Deb Hunt and David Grossman have packed into this easy weekend read. (Cost: $22.15 print; $9.99 Kindle)
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The Accidental Taxonomist, by Heather Hedden

The Accidental Taxonomist (472 pages) – Though taxonomy is a concept that’s only recently started to get the attention it deserves from most organizations, the Accidental Taxonomist has been a solid research resource, ready to help since 2010. Author Heather Hedden walks readers through the process of taxonomy design, presenting highly technical information in a straightforward, comprehensible style. (Cost: $35 print; $20 Kindle)
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The DAM Book (496 pages) – Though written with the photographer in mind, The DAM Book: Digital Asset Management for Photographers offer much general interest DAM guidance too. It explains how hardware, software, file formats and workflow practices work together to keep images safe. Note that while this book was published many years ago, the topics covered therein are as valid today as they were when Peter Krogh published the second edition in 2009. (Cost: $30)
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