TYPO3 Enterprise CMS Connector to Picturepark

Build Your Website in TYPO3 With Digital Assets From Picturepark.

Access your digital assets stored in Picturepark directly from within the TYPO3 CMS, and enjoy a better integrated authoring and content management experience.

The TYPO3 Connector for Picturepark helps you achieve a more streamlined authoring experience by bringing visual content from Picturepark to your fingertips:

  • Access images, videos, documents and other files stored in Picturepark.

  • Search digital assets using superior search and filter features of Picturepark.

  • Insert content into TYPO3 libraries without leaving the Typo3 environment.

  • Add links to Picturepark-stored content in TYPO3 text fields.

  • Fill TYPO3 file list folders with content from Picturepark.

  • Copy metadata from Picturepark - for search in TYPO3 and reuse on your Website.

TYPO3 is a leading community-developed and open source CMS platform that offers a solid content authoring experience, especially when dealing with lots of contents and languages.

TYPO3 is a leading community-developed and open source CMS platform especially popular in Europe. It enables users to manage all kinds of digital content and apart from being feature-rich, it also offers a vast amount of extensions. TYPO3 is aimed at saving your time when managing vast amounts of content, especially if such content is reused in different areas and provided in different languages on your website.

While TYPO3 offers an easy-to-use and intuitive authoring experience that empowers editors to publish, review and create content on their own in even very demanding corporate environments, it provides only very basic digital asset management features via its own media library, and via few extensions.

TYPO3 CMS is very robust and especially powerful for experienced developers that wish to customize it substantially for achieving an outstanding digital experience for organisations, and it caters to smaller and larger organisations, hence it is also classified as an Enterprise Content Management System. The core system was developed in 1997, is now maintained by a community of over 300 contributors and licensed under the GNU General Public License. The TYPO3 Association assumes that over 500’000 installations are in use worldwide (Wikipedia).

Streamlining Your Web Authoring Experience in TYPO3.

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