One single access to all content providers
  • Search once, find across the board
  • Greater choice with every query
  • Avoid license violations
  • Compare different licenses
  • Transparent billing
  • Using my time effectively
  • Be more independent of individual “content sources”

See it in Action

See how can improve the workflow of your organisation, providing single-access to a range of content providers, by seeing it demonstrated live in a free webinar.

Register Enterprise Content Buying Platform with unified search through all content providers.

The integration has full compatibility with the cloud version of Picturepark Content Platform.

How it Works

The Picturepark integration to transfers the correctly licensed content including license information, keywording and description to Picturepark, where it is centrally managed and thanks to intelligent rights management can also be made available to other departments in the company as required. From there, the content can be distributed and used according to the license conditions – in microsites, landing pages or press kits.

  1. I work in the Picturepark Content Platform, where all images and texts, all contents of my company are managed.
  2. I look for suitable content for an image campaign and put together my first collection.
  3. However, the content is not yet unique or I would like to add new material to my collection.
  4. I’m searching for interesting content found on all the different content provider sites.
  5. I license the desired files in, where my licenses are centrally managed, and automatically stores the content with all relevant metadata in Picturepark.
  6. In Picturepark, I add the newly licensed content to my collection, which I share with my team for further discussion, or play directly.
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