DAMs Gone Wild!

Even the best-planned digital asset management systems can become difficult to use over time. Policies lapse, users get lazy, and DAM managers come and go. In this hour-long webinar, Harley-Davidson DAM managers, Jacob Jaroch and Ryan Messier, discuss DAM troubles and solutions with “DAM Survival Guide” author, David Diamond. Concise, easy-to-follow ideas you can put into practice today are what you’ll take away.

Digital Asset Management Webinar

Advice and tips for cleaning up a digital asset management system that’s become a mess.

RECORDING DATE February 21, 2013

GUESTS Jake Jaroch (Harley Davidson); Ryan Messier (Harley Davidson)

HOST David Diamond

Want to continue the discussion? Visit the YouTube page for this digital asset management webinar and leave a comment. If you wish to reach Mr. Jaroch or Mr. Messier, please email webinars@picturepark.com and your request will be forwarded.